Christmas Doughnut Wreath

Christmas fun food: it’s something I struggle with because I’m not really into sweet food.  I remember one year attempting a Gingerbread house and it was a disaster.  I laugh now but it was so stressful at the time and I vowed NEVER AGAIN to attempt such a creation.

Charli and Ashlee from Charli’s Crafty Kitchen, unlike me, have great Christmas food ideas and I asked them to come up with a few ideas to share.  Hello fabulous!  Ashlee recently shared a Surprise Christmas Tree Piñata tutorial, and this time, Charli shares a simple Christmas Doughnut Wreath. Thanks girls! Love your work!

Doughnut Wreath — with Charli

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -



Green frosting

Mini M&M’s

Red Heart candy (most lolly shops should have them)

Plastic knife

Step 1

Frost all over your doughnut with green frosting using the plastic knife.

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -

Step 2

Place two heart candies into the frosting with the pointy tips together to make part of your bow.

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -

Step 3

Using a bit of icing to glue it down, place a red mini M&M in the middle of the hearts to complete the ‘bow’

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -

Step 4

Place mini M&M’s all over the doughnut to make it even more beautiful and delicious!

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -

Charli said, “That was heaps of fun to make and it tastes AWESOME!!”

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Charli’s Crafty Kitchen began in Sept 2012 when Charli was 6 years old and Ashlee was 3.   Charli, now 7  (& sometimes 4-year-old Ashlee too!) will teach you how to make some great party foods that are simple and cute. There are tutorials for every occasion! Cake pops, cupcake toppers, party favours, cake decorating and easy no bake recipes. We now upload once a week so hit the subscribe button to get our latest videos!  The girls have been recently featured in The Courier Mail and New Idea Magazine and The Today Show due to their YouTube success.


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