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Hi I’m Katie and I blog at Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three.  I am Mum to a little girl who will be two on Christmas Eve, and a bump who is due in February.  My blog is all about our adventures as a family, mixed with lots of photography, as I am obsessed with taking photos.

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I saw this recipe in a Christmas magazine last year and decided to tweak it a little.  They are so incredibly easy to make, and if you have older kids then they will have great fun helping you decorate the snowmen.

You will need

Pack of White Marshmallows

200g icing sugar

Writing icing in whatever colours you fancy

A few tablespoons of water

Biscuits- we used digestive but can you use whichever you fancy, or if you are feeling especially creative you can make the biscuit dough yourself

christmas food -- melted snowman biscuits


1. Mix 220g of icing sugar with about 4-5 tablespoons of water.  You may need more or less than this, but just add water until the consistency of the mixture is right- you don’t want it too gloopy or too runny.

2. Spread the mixture on to your biscuits using the back of a spoon.  Leave to set for about 20 minutes.

3. While it is setting, you can decorate your marshmallows – these will be the faces of your snowmen.

christmas food -- melted snowman biscuits
christmas food -- melted snowman biscuits

4. Then stick your marshmallow heads on to your setting mixture.

5. Once the icing has dried and set, you can then use the pens to decorate the bodies of your snowmen.

christmas food -- melted snowman biscuits -
christmas food -- melted snowman biscuits - on
It is as easy and simple as that, and these melted snowmen are perfect to take to Christmas parties, or to have as a festive treat in the run up to Christmas.


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  1. Em says

    Gorgeous! Can these be made a day ahead of time? They’ll be perfect for my son’s class party. And where did you get your gorgeous writing icing?

    • says

      Should be fine to make them ahead. You can get the icing writing from a lot of different places like Spotlight, Cake decorating shops, Robbins Kitchen, and even in the baking section in Coles and Woolies.

  2. Estee says

    Im going to make these for my kids’ Christmas party next week. May I know how do you stick the marshmallow on the icing? Do you think I can replace digestive biscuits with butter cookies?it is because the nursery is doing a cookie exchange party. Thanks a lot!

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