Fun for Older Kids: Create Stop Motion on Powerpoint

Stop Motion on Powerpoint

Our family uses technology for all kinds of things, not just entertainment.  I wanted to share a stop motion project Miss 10 has been working on since she was 9 years old. So, that’s over a year! As the kids get older, I find it’s important to engage them on a more detailed level and […]

Tip for Tired Eyes

tip for tired eyes

How to brighten the eyes My eyes often have that tired look. Probably because I AM often tired. Ha! I have this ultra quick and subtle way to brighten my eyes and it only takes a few minutes to apply. Products Concealer Nude eye liner Silver eyeliner or eye shadow Nude eye shadow Mascara How […]

My Everday Makeup


I wear makeup most days because it makes me feel fresh and happy. I’ve experimented with many types of makeup and different ways to apply it, and have fine tuned my everyday look in under 2 minutes.  By applying my makeup in layers, it lasts all day but still looks natural.  This means I use […]