Tinker Bell Fairy (Secret of the Wings) Play Scene

tinker bell play scene

I recently rented the new release movie in the Disney Tinker Bell series: Secret of the Wings.  The kids enjoyed it, and I noticed our fairy dolls pop up around the house in the weeks after.  I didn’t sit down to watch the entire movie with the children, but from the snippets I got it’s about Tinker Bell meeting Periwinkle from the Winter Woodlands, with the theme of friendship and family.

I love the change of seasons; it’s something I often mention to my husband.   “I would love to live somewhere where the seasons really change! The white of Winter verses the green of Summer.”  Here in Brisbane, there’s really only two seasons: Summer and Autumn.  And so, I was inspired by my love of seasons and this movie which combines them, plus the obvious interest my children had in playing with fairy dolls, in a simple play scene.

tinkerbell movie secret of the wings

I do love this sort of thing: facilitating play that’s an experience.  Not always possible but I love when it comes together.  So, we rented the DVD and I had all the things I needed for the play scene ready to go when the time was right for hours of afternoon fun.  It really (really) only takes under 5 minutes to set up.

What you need

A variety of plastic containers. I used 1 x rectangle, 1 x round and 3 x different sized cups (for the ice stepping stones).

Large plastic container (underbed storage size is perfect)

A stick or branch

3 stones

Leaves or Fake flowers

Fairy dolls

tinker bell secret of the wings play

Winter Woodlands Side

The kids were all kinds of thrilled with the big blocks of ice, I can tell you!  To create the Winter Woodlands side, freeze the ice blocks over night and when the time is right to play, turn out the ice from the containers and place at one side of the underbed storage container.  Ice like this, without the water, lasts for at least a couple of hours (and I noticed my children playing with the scens days after, even though there was a fine layer of water at the base).

winter side tinker bell secret of the wings play scene

winter side tinker bell secret of the wings play scene

Summer Side

For the Sumer side, we used a section a branch which we decorated by pushing on collected leaves.  A few stones (or bricks) can be used to hold the stick in place.  We also put a few fake flowers to brighten it up.  Only thing left to do was to join the Winter and Summer side by adding a few stepping stones to meet the ice steps.

summer side tinker bell secret of the wings play scene

summer side tinker bell secret of the wings play scene

That’s it!

Easy!  We already had a few Tinker Bell dolls (they were about $7 each) but any dolls/fairies can be used…or even animal figures and pet shop toys.  You can extent this play idea by making fairy clothes too.  Tutorial in this post: DIY (No Sew) Doll Clothes.

tinkerbell movie secret of the wings play scene


Imaginative Play Scenes

Fairy in a Jar

A Fairy’s Home or a Pirate’s Trap: Mobile Craft

It’s such a beautiful sound. Listen.

Isn’t it pretty?

A Fairy’s Home or a Pirate’s Trap Mobile Making Instructions

Materials: Stick, fishing line, spoons and other tinkly things from a thrift shop.


1. We found a heap of spoons and other tinkly things at a second hand shop.

2. It was interesting to see how my two daughters went about doing their mobile.  My daughter at number 2 made a plan before she started to hang.

3. My other daughter hunted to find different spoons from around Australia.

4. For my young son, we tied spoons around a stick to make a musical instrument. He loved it!

5. For ease of hanging the spoons, place the stick between two chairs and hang the spoons off the stick.

6. Look how happy the tree looks.



A tree with tinkly sounds is a wonderful stimulant for the imagination.  It could be anything from a home for fairies or a pirate trap alarm. My daughter had a wonderful time playing with her fairy home. Check out the fairy door she found.


It would be fun to couple this activity with Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Watch the movie and play the game.