Hobbiton Review

hobbiton movie set matamata

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Expedia Travelling and experiencing adventures together is high on the priority list for our family.  We recently visited the Hobbiton Movie Set (a place on our bucket list) and I’m sharing a comprehensive review over on the Expedia Out There blog. In my Hobbiton article, I cover the topics I would want […]

Review: Lottie Dolls

Lottie Doll Review

Today I’m reviewing a play doll I’ve come across recently and thought worth sharing (because they are adorable and the attention to detail is fabulous!) What are Lottie Dolls? Lottie are adorable play dolls developed with a positive take on childhood in mind.   She does not wear makeup, jewellery or high heels. She loves to dress […]

Why do My Kids love the Octonauts so much?


Never, has a children’s television series captured the imagination of my children more. “Get ready before the Octonauts start,” has been a wonderful motivator on a school morning. HA! As the familiar music begins, I hear their voices chime in. “Barnacle!” “Kwazii!” “Peso!” “Explore!” “Rescue!” “Protect!” Why I like it What I like most about The Octonauts […]

Microsoft Office 2010 Features: Giveaway

Microsoft smart art step one

I’m writing a review of Microsoft Office 2010 from my own experiences.  Below are four of my favourite features. 1. SmartArt: I love you SmartArt! SmartArt is an automatic graphic program.  In less than 5 minutes, I was able to create four different relationship charts in relation to my post on discipline. I’m a pictorial learner and writer so […]