6 Play Dough Recipes

Is it just me or does there seem to be a play dough revolution thanks to Pinterest? There are so many recipes and variations out there to try!  Today, I’m sharing  best play dough recipes and variations from 6 Aussie bloggers.
Different Play Dough Recipes

Benefits of Play Dough Play

I asked Occupational Therapist, Nicole Grant, about some benefits of play dough play:

Play dough is a great warm up activity before kids start written work. Moulding and rolling play dough helps to stretch and strengthen the fingers, hands and wrists, which is important for handwriting accuracy and endurance. Using the whole hand to squeeze and roll the play dough is great for developing fine motor skills. Poke the play dough with each finger on each hand to further develop these skills. Play dough can be used to practice letter, number and shape formation. Use cutters, or roll the dough into a long sausage, then move the sausage into position. Coloured and scented dough can provide a multi-sensory experience which is wonderful for engaging kids and enhancing learning opportunities.  

It got me thinking about my son and homework. This week, I’m going to try 5 minutes of play dough before he does his homework and see how that goes.

Different Play Dough Recipes

1. Traditional

Traditional (and easy) cooked play dough recipe by Danielle from Keeping Up With the Holsbys. Click here for the recipe.

2. Stretchy

For a soft and stretchy dough, try this play dough recipe (using hair conditioner) by Kate from Laughing Kids Learn. Click here for the recipe.

 3. Herbal Tea

Swap the water in the play dough recipe with herbal tea! It smells delicious!  You can find more about it over at Childhood101 from Christie. Click here for the details.

4. Glow in the Dark

Super fun idea for a sleepover!  Find out how to make glow in the dark play dough from the team at Paging Fun Mums. Click here for the recipe.

5. Essential Oil

A few drops of essential oil can make play dough beautifully fragrant. Ness from One Perfect Day used lemon and eucalyptus for this Aussie classic dough.  Click here for the recipe.

6. No Cook

For a no-cook play dough recipe, head over to Deb’s blog, Learn With Play At Home. Click here for the recipe.

More Play Dough Play Ideas

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