Pine Cones & A Lego Helicopter

collecting pine cones

I didn't realise he had bought his latest Lego creation with him.  If I had, I most likely would have told him to leave it at home.  Our mission this particular morning, was to collect pine cones for a few projects I had planned.  I love doing this sort of thing with my kids; 10 minutes emerged in nature is wonderfully grounding.  I watched him race off to collect fallen cones with his helicopter.  Seeing how engaged he was in the joy of it all … [Read more...]

Mini Pine Cone Wreath

pine cone collections on my walk

I went for a walk the other day. Yes, I have been known to wear pretty necklaces when I go for a walk. As I walked, I collected a few items in my hat. I love collecting things and then challenging myself to create something with the items. Below is one of the decorations the kids and I made with my collection. Materials Small pine cones or any other of a similar size (gems, buttons, pipecleaners, pebbles, pom poms, cellophane, paper … [Read more...]

Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas Tree in a Jar! It's an adorable, and very easy craft to make. It can be used as a decoration, keepsake or given as a gift to friends and teachers. We have a surplus of pine cones at the moment, so the kids and I are exploring all sorts of ways to use them. This is the cutest idea yet! Materials: Pine Cone Empty Jar (I purchased the one shown from Crazy Clarks for $2.95) Rocks/pebbles/cotton wool balls/grass/mini presents (or … [Read more...]