Disney Paper Doll Printables

What is your child’s favourite Disney movie? Snow White? Frozen? Tangled? Whichever film your child likes best, there is a related Disney paper craft to match! We discovered free printable doll templates on the Disney website, road tested them and collated all the instructions and printables in one place so you can get started. Allow approximately 20 minutes to make each free-standing paper doll, but allow hours of imaginative play time for your child!

Disney Printable Paper Dolls

You will need

Printing paper or thin card
PVA glue


1. Follow the links below to your chosen paper craft doll and open the printable.

2. Print onto paper or cardboard (cardboard works best).

3. Cut out the pieces and glue them together, according to the instructions provided.

4. Allow to dry.

Note: These are a little fiddly to make, and so are best suited for older children to assemble. However, both younger and older children will enjoy playing with them and an adult could assemble the dolls for younger children.

Frozen – Anna Paper Doll 

Frozen - Anna Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Frozen – Anna

 Frozen – Elsa Paper Doll

 Frozen - Elsa Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Frozen – Elsa

Snow White Paper Doll

Snow White Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Snow White 

Snow White – Evil Queen Paper Doll 

Snow White - Evil Queen Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Snow white – Evil Queen

Sofia the First Paper Doll

Sofia the First Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Sofia the First

Tiana Paper Doll

The Princess and The Frog - Tiana Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Tiana

Tangled – Rapunzel Paper Doll

Tangled - Rapunzel Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Rapunzel

Cinderella – Cinderella Paper Doll

Cinderella - Cinderella Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Cinderella

Aladdin – Jasmine Paper Doll

Aladdin - Jasmine Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Jasmine

Sleeping Beauty – Aurora Paper Doll

Sleeping Beauty - Aurora Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Aurora

Mulan – Mulan Paper Doll

Mulan - Mulan Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Mulan

The Little Mermaid – Ariel Paper Doll

The Little Mermaid - Ariel Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Ariel

Beauty & The Beast – Belle Paper Doll

Beauty & The Beast - Belle Paper Doll

Click here for the printable: Belle 

Click here for the printable: Christmas Belle

Tips for paper craft success

  • Older children may be able to cut and glue the paper dolls themselves but always supervise children when using scissors.
  • Print the dolls onto thin cardboard to make them more durable.

Fun Ideas

  • Why not watch a Disney movie together and then play with your characters, acting out scenes from the film?
  • A favourite character looks cute displayed on a shelf in the bedroom
  • Make a heap and give them out as a birthday party favour
  • Sleepover craft fun


Disney are Raising My Kids!

Paper Dolls: Photo Dolls

photo dolls family

The children have had a lot of fun with the simple paper dolls.  We made dolls from a template here and created our own here. This time, we’ve made paper dolls made from real life photographs.   Above is our family, in photo doll form. The dolls aren’t strictly in proportion: My husband is much taller than me (30 cm in fact) and there’s no way my eldest daughter is almost as tall as me…I think.

It’s somewhat disturbing to see yourself in paper doll form but a whole lot of fun. 

How to Make Paper Photo Dolls

Materials:A4 Photo Paper, Camera, Printer, Laminator (optional)

1. Take Photos

Tips for taking photos:  

1. Ensure the subject’s arms are either out from the body (dad pic), next to or in front of body (mum pic), behind the body (no.1 daughter picture) or in a clear pose (last three kids).  This will make it easier when it comes time to cut them out.

2. Hold the camera directly at the person, rather than looking down at the subject from above. This way the proportions of the body stay true.

tips for taking photos

2. Crop photos

Using your favourite photo editor, crop the photos close around the body.

3.  Insert into Publisher or Word

Insert the cropped pictures into Microsoft Pubisher (or Word) and resized them to fit nicely on an A4 page. Then print onto A4 photo paper.

4. Laminate (optional)

For extra strength, laminate the photos.

5. Cut photos

Cut photo dolls using scissors and a stanley or craft knife (on a board) for the tricky sections.

6. Play!

Now, I’m trying to decide which of these pictures is more disturbing. My son holding his father or me and my photo doll. I’m going with me and my photo doll. Wierd. But then weird is always better than boring — nu?

photo dolls dad and mum

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What fun can be had with a bit of paper cut out into the shape of a doll!

1.  Decorate with pencils and play “Mums and Dads” like this pair.

2.  Make a family line for the wall like my older daughter did.

See what your child can do with paper dolls.

Note: For best results, print out on thick gsm paper or glue paper on cardboard.

Paper Dolls Free Printout (click for PDF file)

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