Paper Dolls: Photo Dolls

photo dolls family

The children have had a lot of fun with the simple paper dolls.  We made dolls from a template here and created our own here. This time, we've made paper dolls made from real life photographs.   Above is our family, in photo doll form. The dolls aren't strictly in proportion: My husband is much taller than me (30 cm in fact) and there's no way my eldest daughter is almost as tall as me...I think. It's somewhat disturbing to see yourself in paper … [Read more...]

Paper Dolls

Children playing with Paper Dolls

What fun can be had with a bit of paper cut out into the shape of a doll! 1.  Decorate with pencils and play "Mums and Dads" like this pair. 2.  Make a family line for the wall like my older daughter did. See what your child can do with paper dolls. Note: For best results, print out on thick gsm paper or glue paper on cardboard. Paper Dolls Free Printout (click for PDF file) External Links I'm joining in with Childhood101 We Play. … [Read more...]