Painting With Watercolours: experimenting with technique

Part of the reason why I like watercolours so much is mess is kept to a minimum and it's easy set up and clean up. I can stick a cup of water on the table with paper and a watercolour tray and know the kids will be occupied for a good half an hour. Another reason to love watercolours is its whimsical finish. I'm rather fascinated by painting and beautiful drawings in general, and so it's something I look to explore further with my kids.  To … [Read more...]

Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment

watercolour painting tutorial

I have no real talent (or learned skill) when it comes to painting.  However, I'm a fan of art and creativity in general, and I want to foster an appreciation of such things in my children. We use watercolours more than any other paint because it's relatively mess free and easy to clean up. I've done many painting activities with the kids over the years, like zip lock bag painting, basic brush techniques, finger painting, body painting and … [Read more...]