Second Hand Shop Painting Activity

Look for a painting or print at an op shop and drawing in creatures or accents

Second hand shops are filled with all sorts of finds.  It's easy to find cheap prints and paintings which can be used  as a base for a painting activity.   It's not about disrespecting the original artists work but recycling materials and creative inspiration.  Plus it's a fun and cheap activity, especially great for older kids. Look for a print or painting at a second hand shop and draw or paint in creatures or other … [Read more...]

Crepe Streamer Painting

crepe streamer painting

We often use crepe paper during the school holidays.  I decided one day, to see if we could use it as a painting material when wet. It worked! Materials Water Crepe Streamer (use the dark colours like deep green, purple, red and blue) Paper Instructions 1. Cut a small length of streamer. 2. Wet. 3. Splatter over paper. 4. Allow to dry. Note: The colour tends to stay on hands for a few hours so gloves can be worn to avoid this if … [Read more...]