Discovery Box

make a discovery box

We love exploring as much as we can as a family.  Australia is a vast and beautiful country, and there's so much natural wonder in our backyard.  On our many adventures, my kids enjoy collecting little bits and bobs along the way, from bottle caps for a Bottle Cap Game they made up to pretty fallen leaves.  On our last trip up the D'Aguilar Ranges, we saw a beautiful (AND HUGE!) snake on the road. There's a video here. At … [Read more...]

Stick & Bead Wind-chime

glass meets nature windchime

My sister and I enjoyed doing this craft activity together: Glass Meets Nature Wind-chime. It was simple to do and the finished product looked fantastic.  The children were excited so I'm going to do one with them too but with old cutlery instead of ceramic shapes (see note below). Materials Stick (hunt the backyard for the perfect stick) Ribbon (about a metre) Fishing Line Glass Beads (think about texture and … [Read more...]

Make Scramble Eggs Tonight, Have Fun Tomorrow

Egg sorting

The humble egg carton is a wonderful thing.  Here are three ways to use it:   If you don't have painting pots, an empty egg carton makes for a wonderful pallet.  It's a cheap way to distribute paint, especially if there are a lot of children.  Compartmentalise glitter, glue and craft bits and bobs for ease of distribution.  After reading Picklebums fabulous We Play... sorting post, it occurred to me to use the egg carton as a nature … [Read more...]

It’s the Fun You Have Along the Way


I've been excited about doing this stick craft/activity with the children for weeks now.  I wondered why, as the craft is fairly non-descript (or, as my husband said when I showed him the finished product, "Ahhhh, that's good love.")  And then I realised, this craft is about the fun you have along the way. All you need is a piece of string and the great outdoors.  It's as simple as that. My girls and I gathered sticks and flowers and tied … [Read more...]

Family Day Out: Have your Cake and Eat it Too

abbie lane

I love browsing through gift shops, although, I'm always a little tense that my 2-year-old will pull everything, and I mean everything, down.  I've found out how I can have my cake AND eat it too.  This indulgence comes in the form of an outing sure to please every member of the family. Toowoomba is a family-friendly town situated about one and a half hours from Brisbane, Queensland.   Below are three great family friendly facilities, all within … [Read more...]