Simple Activity: Paint Rose Petals

Painting Rose Petals

Fiona from Fiona Kate showed me how to do this. She's so very clever and has this ability to make simple activities so beautiful.  It's about being able to be fun with anything, even with fallen rose petals from the garden.  Spring is upon us, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Tint a few empty jars, buy a few roses and when they have had their day to shine, take a small moment to paint the remnants, to capture their … [Read more...]

Paint Leaves

autumn activity for kids paint leaves

To celebrate Autumn, the younger children and I went to one of our favourite exploring spots for a rainbow leaf hunt. We also collected dry leaves to later paint and hang in the kitchen (we did this last year with maple leaves). I love doing this sort of stuff with the children because it has such value and meaning. It's not just about a craft to fill the time. No, it's more than that.   It's about taking the time to notice around us (it's … [Read more...]

Nature Crafts: Deconstructing Flowers

nature crafts -- Decontrusting flowers

Over a week ago now, I bought myself bright flowers and displayed them in tinted jars.  I enjoyed them every single day. Today, when I glanced over at my kitchen table, the flowers looked a little tired. But there was still a little perkiness in the petals. How often to we glance at a simple flower without truly appreciating the complex wonder contained in each one?  I was challenged to do this very thing by photographer Qi … [Read more...]

The Tree Draws

nature crafts do a tree drawing

Nature is alive and beautiful, and as a family, we celebrate this on a daily basis.  I stumbled upon artist, Tim Knowles online, and his tree drawings inspired this activity. It's an easy activity to do with kids and holds promise of mystery and magic on a breezy day.  A tree that draws! You can't help but notice the wind, and how it moves the leaves in a dance, or how pretty the bird's song is. It forces you to be still, and watch, … [Read more...]

Nature Crafts: Painted Sticks

painted sticks

I came across this picture of painted sticks by Canadian Artist, Ginette Lapalme. I was inspired by this idea as it brings nature into the home, and I love that! Our Painted Sticks On Saturday afternoon, my 11-year-old daugther and I went out in the backyard to find sticks.  Then, we sat at the kitchen table and painted for 20 minutes or so. It was lovely! Materials Paint Brush A selection of acrylic paint Designs We … [Read more...]

Nature Craft: Rock Footprints

make a rock picture

When I do craft with my kids, I like for it to be an extension of another outing or activity.  For example, making potpourri bags for the drawers was coupled with a trip to the shops, collecting shells at the beach turned into a wall feature and a fun addition to a country drive was to stop and make wild flower wreaths. For me, craft is about connection rather than just something to do. When the children and I explored a local stream … [Read more...]

Nature Crafts & Activities

Fresh flower head wreath

There is much wonder all around and endless ways to create joy. These are two things I hope my children will embrace. Our family aims to live life less compartmentalised so we look for ways to connect the things we do when we are out with things we do at home. One way to do this is to enjoy the beauty of nature and bring this into our home in various forms. Below are links to some of the nature crafts and activities we enjoy (click the pictures … [Read more...]

Nature Crafts & Activities: Rock Trail

Nature crafts -- rock and stick trail

This rock and stick trail is a simple activity that can lead to all sorts of other play ideas. My daughter collected sticks and rocks to create a trail around the house.  She then put a box at the end for treasure. Fun for: Do a nature hunt to find all the things you need Create another line to make a road and add cars Create an Desert Island Play Scene and have pirates follow the trail to the treasure Create box shapes with the … [Read more...]