Mother’s Day Card Printable

Mother's Day Card Printable

Here’s a sweet Mother’s Day Card printable Fiona Chandler illustrated for me. It looks adorable on its own or coloured in by children.  There are two different templates and there’s a link to print them below:


1. Print the template

2. Cut around rectangle section.

3. Fold in half.

4.  Colour in if desired.

5. Write your message inside. 


Click the picture bellow for the PDF file printabl

Mother's Day Card Printable

Mother's Day Card PDF


Click the picture below for the PDF template.

Mother's Day Card Printable

Mother's Day Card

Colour in

The card is cute on its own or coloured in.

Mother's Day Card Printable - colour in

Mother's Day Card Printable - colouring inMore

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day Craft: Mum and Me Card

Mother’s Day: Sunday the 8th of May 2011

Happy Mothers Day Card template

{click picture for printer ready PDF file}

I appreciate anything and everything my children give me. However, I have to say I’m partial to homemade cards where the kids have had a hand in the making process.

If you (or Dad) are stuck for Mother’s Day Card or activity, this simple card is ready to print and fold. Click the front cover above for the PDF file.

Mother’s Day is a day of mixed emotions for me. I love celebrating the blessings of motherhood with my children but my own mother isn’t with me anymore. I always miss her but it’s even more obvious on days like this.  I would love to give my mum a hug this Mother’s Day and say, “I love you so much Mum. Thank you for being my mother.” So, if you can, make sure you do! Don’t miss an opportunity!

Mother’s Day Card Option 1:

happy mothers day card 2011

Print the Mum and Me Card template and fold in half. Using photographs, cut out the heads of the “Mum” and the “Me” and stick them in the circles.

Mother’s Day Card Option 2:

happy mothers day card 2

Print the Mum and Me Card template and fold in half.  Allow child to colour faces in the spaces provided.

Mother’s Day Card Option 3:

happy mothers day card 3

Print the Mum and Me Card template and fold in half. Then follow these instructions:

1. Cut the blue circle in the centre of the flower.

2. Glue photographs of mother and child in the correct position on the inside the card so they correlate with the cut out circle holes.

3.  The card opens to reveal the surprise!

Happy Mother’s Day

(for Sunday)

I’m Loving these Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

{click the pictures for the tutorials}

  Mother's Day Craft Photo flower  flower-mother's-day-craft-free-kids.jpg  Personalised Tea bag for Mother's Day

1. Mother’s Day Photo bouquet of flowers      

2. Mother’s Day Muffin Cup Flowers 

3. Personalised photo tea bags (personal favourite)

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