Melbourne & Spending Time With Your Spouse

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My husband and I make it a priority to invest in our relationship.  But it's hard work! Finding time to go on a date, let alone eat dinner together, is difficult.  I would say that our family isn't child-centred.  While a lot of our life revolves around our children, the relationship between Matt and I is very important for our family.  You see, if Matt and I are on the same page, the kids benefit greatly from … [Read more...]

Do You Argue In Front of the Kids?

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When I say argue, I don't mean the ugly I-never-want-to-see-you-again variety.  What I'm talking about is in the just-ask-for-directions category.  I guess this amounts to a discussion rather than an argument?  Do you think? I like to call it fight-fair.  You see, my husband and I are so different, and not just in the gender department, so -- ah -- conversations are bound to happen. Here's a very small snapshot: My husband and I have talked … [Read more...]

I Didn’t Clean The Kitchen Last Night

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This is the sight I woke to this morning.  The Husband had been on-call for 60 hours and he stumbled home last night, absolutely exhausted. He fell into the chair, and I could tell, he just couldn't move, let alone talk.  I felt like dropping myself; however, seeing him in such a state gave me a little extra energy to put his needs above mine. (I know that sounds sickeningly like the perfect wife, and I'm far from … [Read more...]

What is Love?

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I'm not into Valentine's Day (a quality my husband really loves, hehe).  However, it's prompted me to ask this questions: what is love? In my opinion, the media has done love no favours.  In fact, I would go as far to say the concept of love has been butchered.  The media often promotes the love 'highs' and the love 'lows' and the love 'highs' again.  It seems to be about what you can get out of love rather than what you can give. Why, why, why … [Read more...]