100 Ways to Love the Moment

Since I started the Love the Moments Challenges back in January 2011, I have found many ways to enjoy moments both with, and without my kids.  It’s less about doing things and more about being aware; weaving moments into to the day as it happens creates a rich texture to life that brings much enjoyment and satisfaction.  When I put this list of 100 love the moment moments together, many of them seemed so small, even too small to include.  But then, these little things do matter and they add up.  In a way, putting these small joys in a list gives them a voice which helps me to recognise and look for them so they don’t get drowned out in the loudness of…busyness, stuff, things.

love the moment picture-1

100 Love the Moment Moments

  1. Smell a flower
  2. Take 1 min to look in your child’s eyes to see all the different colours
  3. Hold hands and jump around the kitchen
  4. Get down on your child’s level and smile for no reason
  5. Kiss your child between their eyes
  6. Hit two spoons together to make a song
  7. Run outside together
  8. Have a family group hug
  9. Read a favourite book
  10. Snuggle your child on your lap
  11. Listen to the birds for 1 minute
  12. Watch for where the wind touches
  13. Kiss your child on the nose and eyelids
  14. Look at the stars
  15. Tell your child a story from your childhood
  16. Sit on the floor and watch your child play for 5 minutes
  17. Find a special rock
  18. Go outside and look at the sky
  19. Feel the bark of a tree
  20. Stroke your child’s hair
  21. Laugh
  22. Peel and cut up an apple and eat it together outside
  23. Rub noses with your child
  24. Pick your child up and just hold him/her
  25. Breathe deeply
  26. Skip to the letterbox
  27. Say “I love you” just one more time
  28. Look at the reflection in a window
  29. Make up a new word
  30. Look at bugs
  31. Do butterfly kisses
  32. Listen for animal sounds at night
  33. Crouch down and stroke your child’s cheek
  34. Twirl
  35. Shake hands
  36. Walk outside in bare feet for a minute
  37. Throw a little water in the air and watch the drops fall
  38. Tickle
  39. Role play with your child for 5 minutes
  40. Lie down on your child’s bed with them and talk or sing
  41. Hold hands and make a family circle
  42. Collect leaves
  43. Eat ice from a cup
  44. Draw colourful squiggles on a page
  45. Make pictures in the dirt with a stick
  46. Chase a butterfly
  47. Trace your child’s eyebrows with your fingertips
  48. Put a flower in your hair
  49. Write a special note to someone
  50. Eat fresh bread, butter and honey
  51. Start a sentence: “I like____ about you.”
  52. Have a race
  53. Throw a pebble in a bucket of water
  54. Sit your child on the kitchen bench and kiss their knees
  55. Get 3 stories and read a different line of each to make up your own
  56. Squeeze oranges to make a cup of juice
  57. Help your child swing on a tree branch
  58. Look up the name meaning for the members of your family
  59. Do a piggy back
  60. Blow up 5 balloons
  61. Look at the moon
  62. Go outside when the sun sets
  63. Leave a bit of honey bread for the ants
  64. Colour in together
  65. Make a cubby under the table
  66. Write your child’s name 5 times on a piece of paper
  67. Be still and listen for 2 minutes
  68. Find an interesting looking stick
  69. Sprinkle flower petals in a bowl of water
  70. Walk on tippy toes
  71. Read a book outside
  72. Pick wild flowers
  73. Draw a rainbow
  74. Look at the clouds
  75. Watch moths on an outside light
  76. Light a candle
  77. Study raindrops or dew
  78. Visit a garden
  79. Take an umbrella outside, rain or shine
  80. Find a bendy road
  81. Watch your child sleep
  82. Stand in the sun and feel the warmth for a few minutes
  83. Draw a heart: one for each of your children and leave it on their bed
  84. Draw a picture with different colours of blue and green to represent the sea
  85. Wear a necklace
  86. Walk hand in hand with your child
  87. Collect shells or pebbles and put in a glass of water
  88. Play peek-a-boo or hide and seek
  89. Look at the shadows
  90. Have a picnic on the grass outside your house
  91. Do something out of the ordinary
  92. Greet your loved ones exuberantly
  93. Tell a story while you are driving in the car
  94. Make a rhythm with two sticks
  95. Smile
  96. Look at my child directly for 10 seconds when they speak
  97. End a sentence: “______ makes me happy.”
  98. Use expression
  99. Do a High-Five
  100. Stand under a large tree (and look up)

I have found many of the items in the list can be turned into a longer activity, but the idea is not to be overwhelmed; most only take a minute, or even just seconds. It’s all about embracing what each day brings and having ideas up your sleeve to make the most of the moments.

{you can print this list in PDF form if you like}

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Love the Moment Challenge December: All About Christmas

I have done a Love the Moment Challenge every month this year! You can check them all out here: Love the Moment. This month’s challenge is all about Christmas, and our family will be following a Christmas Advent Calendar.

Christmas Madness

I love the Christmas month. However, I have to admit things are pretty mad here. There are breakups every where I look, and I have so much to do before Christmas Day! Why, oh why then, do I dive into projects with little, or no preparation?  It an odd mystery, but perhaps it’s because I love the challenge of thinking outside the box.  There are plenty of disasters, I can tell you, but there are also rare moments of brilliance. Alas, making a Gingerbread House WAS NOT one of my brilliant moments. However, I’m pleased to announce — after making an epic mess — we have a house!

{I carefully positioned the camera to hide many of the dodgy bits — HA!}

making a gingerbread house is very hard

Tree is up!

In other Christmas news, our tree is up! I would love to see all your trees too, so feel free to post a picture of your Christmas Tree on my facebook page.

putting up the christmas tree

December Love the Moment Challenge

For this month’s challenge, I’m following along with the Christmas Advent Calendar each day.  Click the picture below to find out more.

christmas advent calendar

Christmas Craft

You will find all the craft listed on this blog on the one page: Christmas Crafts. I have more Christmas craft ideas to share next week.

christmas craft ideas

What does December look like for you?

Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment

I don’t want moments  to fly by with without me noticing them. That’s what the Love the Moment Challenges are all about.  I’ve seen life change very quickly, and so moments are all we all have really.  I would love our family to be free to embrace moments but are neither controlled by them or in contrast, trapped by the big picture.

I’ve been thinking about moments recently, and I see three main ways they can play out in our family life; I’m striving for number 3. Yes, I’m writing an entire post about moments. HA!

1. Big Picture Controls the Moments

I don’t want our family to be narrow minded and confined so much by the big picture, that moments are trapped, and pre -determined in a way.

live in the moment

2. Big Picture is defined by the moments

Neither do I want moments to rule our life so moments are blurred as they funnel  into something of a big picture. To me, this means many of the moments get lost.

living in the moment

3. Moments are anchored by the big picture

Below is how I see the moments play out in our family life. They are anchored by faith, value, love and what we believe for our family. There is still freedom of movement but there is no risk the moments will be lost. The moments are both their own entity and part of a larger masterpiece.living in the moment

I think way too much, don’t I? I know, I know. My mind is always whirring with images and concepts and I love putting it all together to make sense of it all. For me, it’s like the creative process: you start with everything , explore it and slowly it all becomes clear.

Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment


A Tree: The Journey Begins

I’m welcoming Fi back to the blog today to tell us where she is at in planning a 6 month family getaway to Bali.  If you missed the first post, you can read it here: A Walk — 6 Months on a Tropical Island. You can my interview with Fi : Family Tropical Adventure in Bali. And check out her blog here: Destination Bali.

Guest post by Fiona from Destination Bali

Beauty in the found, moments and having time to enjoy it. This I what I imagine our trip to be. Just thinking about it makes me more observant about our day to day moments at home. The journey is starting now…

magnolia-beautyOrganising time in the future away helps you plan. Right now, it’s unseasonably warm, and the magnolia tree in our garden looks amazing. I am proud to be able to see such a beautiful thing each day. The tree reminds me of our neighbour who taught me how to care for the tree; she’s 90 years young and still busy!  I have always loved magnolias, and finally bought one a few days after we moved into our home, 6 years ago. For a long time, people kept asking what the sticks were…and then by the end of the first year, the tree produced one flower. Then the following year, we had flowers in abundant.  This year there are plenty of blooms to bring inside the house.

I’m preparing the garden now so it will flourish for the people who will live and enjoy our house while we are away.  Zucchini, carrots and coriander have been added to the menu along with strawberries for the upcoming months.

peas in the garden

The top of my list righ now, is to find someone to live in our family home while we are away.   I know that leaving it up to the universe is not reasonable but I’m hoping if I tell friends and family of our trip, someone will be found who will want to live here in our little blue house.  It’s a very happy home, and I think people who live here will add to that. 

Have you noticed our packing list is beginning to grow?packing list 2

Maybe keeping it simple will prove to be the hardest part?

A note from Kelly

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Fi. When I read this, I see the magnolia tree as a representation of something that grows steadfast and sure. So many things in our modern world are about instant gratification. We have credit cards so we don’t have to wait. We have fast food so we don’t have to wait. We have facebook notifications so we don’t have to wait.  And I have to admit to being caught up with the “I want it now” mentality.

You’ve reminded me that there’s a lot of joy to be found in the process, not just the end product. I read your journal entry and I remember to celebrate the moments, and to find joy in the journey. Whether that be planting a garden, caring for a magnolia tree or nurturing a child.  All of these things don’t happen instantly, do they?  They take patience, care, thought, toil and love.  I miss the joy sometimes when I look for the end product too quickly. Thanks for reminding me to celebrate life in its process.

Love the Moment Challenge August

July Love the Moment Challenge ReCap

July’s Love the Moment Challenge was all about discovery.  For half of July, our family was on a road trip so we stored all of our holiday treasures in a box. Here they are!

discovery box for kids

This simple idea really is a fantastic thing for kids. You can follow along with the “treasure hunt” (template in the previous post) or use the box as a place to store all the little things kids find so facinating. For example: leaves, sticks, shells, rocks, shinny things and paper.

I have found it helps minimise how many “collections” we bring home with us.  If it doesn’t fit in the discovery box, we don’t take it with us.

August Love the Moment Challenge

This month’s challenge is inspired by something a friend did for me.  Back in January, I was struggling…with everything really, due to the Queensland Floods. My interstate friend sent me a package to bless me. Inside the package was a bag of notes (and chocolate!).  On the notes were little things to do, quotes and Bible verses that were so encouraging. Everyday, I pulled out something from the bag to read. It really helped me through the tough time. It was an incrediblly special gift!

What I’ve planned for this month’s challenge is a Happy Box.  The idea of the happy box is to notice and enjoy the simple little things that are everywhere. It’s also about sharing joy with others.

I need to be reminded to look around me sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life so I forget to love as I live.  I forget to smile at the person at the checkout in the supermarket because I’m in a hurry. I forget to enjoy my tea and find it later, cold. I forget to listen to the birds. And that’s a shame because there are so many little happy things to enjoy all around me.

The Happy Box

What you need:

Small Box


Happy Things

How to use it

Here are a few ways you can use a happy box:

  1. Print The Happy Box template, cut out each card, place them in a box and pull one (or two!) out everyday or when you need a little boost.
  2. Print the Blank Happy Box template, write messages on the cards, cut out and place in a box to encourage a friend.
  3. Print the Blank Happy Box template and fill it with your own happy ideas, verses or quotes. Pull out a card whenever you fee like it.
  4. Print the Blank Happy Box template and write on the cards things you are grateful for. Pull out a card whenever you fee like it.

40 Happy Ideas

Below are 40 happy ideas I thought of. They are also on the pretty template at the end of the post.

1. Ring a friend

2. Write a card for someone

3. Wear lip-gloss

4. Buy fresh flowers

5. Give your child 10 kisses

6. Take a photograph of something that makes you happy

7. Light a candle

8. Pick a wild flower

9. Listen to your favourite song

10. Read a magazine

11. Sit in the sun for a minute

12. Smile at a stranger

13. Walk barefoot on the grass

14. Reconnect with someone

15. Have dessert

16. Wear a necklace

17. Have a moment of quiet

18. Look at the stars

19. Visit a second hand shop

20. Bring to mind a special memory

21. Watch water run

22. Stand under a tree

23. Enjoy tea in a pretty cup

24. Stretch

25. Scribble on a note pad 5 goals

26. Google a dream holiday destination

27. Wear a flower in your hair

28. Put vanilla sticks in your clothes drawers

29. Print a picture

30. Take 10 deep breaths

31. Do a random act of kindness

32. Look through old photos

33. Put moisturising cream on your hands before bed

34. Watch the sunset

35.  Look for butterflies

36. Watch the clouds for a minute

37. Compliment someone

38. Listen to the birds

39. Find a pretty leaf

40. Go somewhere high and enjoy the view

{Click the picture to print The Happy Box Template}

the happy box

{click picture to print Blank Happy Box template}

Blank Happy Box Template

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Love the Moment Challenge: July

Love the Moment Challenge — July

June Re-Cap

love the moment challenge june pics

I challenge myself to think outside the box as I live life so I can find creative ways of doing things. The June Love the Moment Challenge was about that very concept.  Below are some of the things I did that were outside the box (corresponding with the pictures above, left to right).

1. Be true to who you are: Share something you enjoy with your child

I love hiking and exploring in the bush. So my son and I went on a short 10 minute bush walk. We both loved the adventure! And it’s something we now often do together.

2. Be brave: Do something that may not come naturally to you

The brave thing I did this month was to fly to Sydney to have my hair coloured and styled. While it was really fun, it was also very out of the ordinary for me. And I don’t like flying. At all.

3. Be Adventurous: Do something out of the ordinary

The children and I explored some different streets and found a beautiful spot on top of a hill. The view was amazing!

4. Be Creative: Do something a little differently

My two older girls and I sometimes watch Masterchef together. Usually, I sit with my laptop while they lie together on the sofa. This time, I left my computer and I asked them if I could try and squeeze on the sofa with them.  I can’t believe it, but we all (just) fit. It was lovely to snuggle.

5. Be Imaginative: Pretend you’re an expert at something

I’ve been knitting a scarf for my daughter. I don’t really know how to knit anything else but it’s fun to take my knitting with me places like a real pro. I’m such a “try hard”. HA!

The lovely Neen from Neenish Arts has also been blogging about the challenge. I love reading her posts. Here they are:

Love the Moment Challenge — July

This month’s Love the Moment Challenge is like a month long treasure hunt.  That’s a pretty awesome concept! It doesn’t take very long and is something for kids to look forward to.  The idea is to make a “Discovery Box” and each day, fill it with the something found in relation to the day’s subject. Here are a few examples:

  • Find something pink: this may be a pink toy, a milk bottle lid, a hair clip or a plastic spoon from Wendy’s Ice cream
  • Find a stick: keep in mind it has to fit in the discovery box
  • Find something rough: this could be bark, sand paper or corrugated paper

At the end of the month, you’ll have a wonderful collection of items…and wonderful memories too.

Make a Discovery Box

discovery box

Our Discovery Box is made from a shoe box wrapped in gift paper. You can also use brown paper and allow the kids to draw over it.  Another idea is to glue pictures from junk mail or magazines over the entire box.  You can also use a plastic container and decorate it with stickers.  Below are a variety of free printable labels you can use.

{click the picture for the printer friendly PDF file}

Discovery Box Labels

{click the picture for the printer friendly PDF file}

Love the moment challenge July

Enjoy a month long treasure hunt! A month of discovery!

A month of memories! A month of moments!

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Love the Moment

Love the Moment Challenge: June 2011

New day. New Month. New season. New Moon. New Blog design. New Love the Moment Challenge.  Maybe it’s time to try someting new! 

Images and Inspiration

Last month’s challenge was inspired by images. Al from Roaming Al participated in the challenge and blogged about many of her “love the moment” moments and you can browse her inspiring posts or read my personal favourites: wind on my face and watching my son play.

As I looked through Al’s posts I was inspired to do some activities with my kids. Take a look at these four photos taken by Al.

 love the moment activities


1. Collect shells and display in a glass or vase of water. It’s like having a little beach in your home. Use water clarifier to keep the water clear or place shells in a vase without water.

2. Paint rocks and use them to decorate around a garden. Alternatively glue google eyes on the rocks to make a pet rock.

3. Make a nature collage picture using leaves, bark, twigs, grass and anything else you can find.

4. Make bread pizza starting with a heart sauce base.

Thanks for these beautiful images and ideas Al.

Love the Moment June

This month’s challenge is based on this post: how to be a fun mum. The idea is to challenge yourself to think a little differently a week at a time.

Week 1: Be true to who you are

Look for opportunities to share things you love with your child. What’s your passion? Cooking, knitting, craft, science, sport, scrapbooking? Whatever it is, turn what you love into a fun sharing experience with your child. 

Week 2: Be brave

Do something new or something that may not come naturally to  you.  This may be anything from painting, playing hide & seek, writing a letter or forgiving someone who has hurt you.

Week 3: Be Adventureous

Do something out of the ordinary.  Here are some ideas: eat dinner outside, have a family sleepout in the living room, go for short drive right after dinner, tell a bedtime story in the car, try a new recipe, wear bright lipstick. 

Week 4: Be Creative

Find a different way to do something.  Have you ever tried rolling towels instead of folding them?  Perhaps you can change a room around for a fresh look.  Maybe collect milk bottle lids for a week and see what sort of crafts you can come up with. If you organise the toys in a different way, will this assist in creative play?

Week 5: Be Imaginative

Pretend you’re an expert at something.  It’s not as silly as it sounds.  Why not buy fresh flowers and do a flower arrangement, try your hand and cake decorating or knit a scarf even though you don’t know how to knit.

 This month it’s all about finding ways to think outside the box. Because life outside the box is full of discovery.

{click picture to access PDF file}

love the moment june pic

Maybe it’s time to try something new!

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Love the Moment — a change of thinking

Slow Life Down Without Being Less Busy

“It was worth flying from Japan, just to hear you say that,”  international perfumer Junji Hamano said to me after our conversation. Yesterday was no ordinary day. 

One of the many things blogging has done for me is open up opportunities to discover great products and meet people I may have otherwise not come across. Thanks to Brenda from The Mother Media and Procter & Gamble, I flew down to visit Sydney for the day to preview new household care products coming to Australia. I can’t share everything that was talked about because some products are yet to be launched, but what I do want to talk about is my conversation with Junji Hamano, international perfumer from Procter & Gamble.

Junji Hamano international perfumer for P & G House

It’s obviously Junji Hamano is passionate about his work.  He’s called “The Nose”, and for good reason: He was able to guess Mrs Woog’s perfume!  As I listened to him speak, I felt excited — because I got it.  I understood the concept he was conveying. When Junji created the fragrances for the new Ambi-Pur Air Effectsrange, he wanted to tell a story, not purely provide a scent. To create this image — a moment if you will — with scent, he starts with a picture in his mind of a scene.  The scent then comes in layers (basenotes) so it tells the story. First the cinnamon and orange hit you, then the subtle tones of vanilla and jasmine, and lastly the richness of sandalwood and amber. Such a beautiful way to create atmosphere in the home.

abmi pur range from procter and gamble

It’s true I’m excited about the Ambi-Pur Air Effects air freshener, but what I’m more excited about is the conversation I had later with Junji. Many of the Love the Moment Challenges surround the five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing. These five senses translate into Love the Moment moments like looking for butterflies, feeling the bark of a tree, sharing an ice-cream, breathing in the fragrance of a flower, acknowledging the wind as it weaves through your hair and listening to a child’s laugh. You see, our senses are always working but we often don’t take the time to, first acknowledge them, and secondly experience them.  For me, this is partly because of the busy life I lead. 

Acknowledging moments and experiences has, in a way, slowed my life down without the need to be “less busy” and also brought a richness by “seeing” the beauty of life around me.  There’s just so much to enjoy.

I said to Junji, “I get it! I understand the story! I understand the role our senses have to play in our subconscious, and their ability to create a story, where we are.”

Yesterday was no ordinary day.  It confirmed to me the importance of remembering my God-given senses, and looking for ways to experience the beauty all around me.

Try it: For a day, be alert to your senses and see if your busy life seems just a little bit slower.

Love the Moment

To end, here are a few snaps from the day.

Peter Kuruvita Flying Fish Restaurant

I certainly enjoyed using my sense of taste thanks to Peter Kuruvita, Celebrity Chief from the Flying Fish Restaurant. Amazing food! Seriously, go there.

bloggers and the P & G House

1. Enjoyed flying down with sweet Naomi from Seven Cherubs.

2. Eden from Edenland has the best red hair.

3. With the charming Shannon Frickle, television personality, author, mum of two and blogger.

4. Want to know what a room full of Twitterers (Twits?) look like? L to R: @WoogsWorld @MyLittleDrummer @GoodGoogs @EdenLand @TinaGrayDotMe @EmmasBrain @Holly_Homaker @FillyHills @AllConsuming

Note: I was not paid, or commissioned to write this post. I am purely sharing my excitement from the day and what I learned.

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Love the Moment Challenge: March

Love the Moment Heart

Another month has clicked over. Click. Did you feel it?  I didn’t.  I do wonder sometimes where all the time goes. I seem to lose huge chunks of time somewhere, months even. That’s what I love about the Love the Moment challenges: It’s not about the big picture, as such, but about celebrating all the little moments that make life so precious.

If you’re wondering what these challenges are about, you may like to read the previous posts in the series.

Love the Moment Challenge: January

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The challenge is a flexible thing. You can do a challenge everyday, a particular day or even just one day of the month! You can even make up your own. Just remember the little things. Because little things: they are big things.

Little things: They are big things.

– Love the Moment

love the moment challenge marchClick on the image to print the calender.

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February Love the Moment Challenge

Love the Moment Heart

February is here already. I lost January somewhere. Did it happen?

I’ve put together another Love the Moment Challenge.  If you missed what it’s all about visit this post: Love the Moment Challenge.

If you like the idea of the challenge, don’t you dare worry if you forget and don’t do everyday. The Love the Moment Challenge concept is about awareness and joy. It’s a little bit of happiness. It’s about recognising the little things as important and precious. Because little things: they are big things.

Little things: They are big things.

Click the image below to print out the February Love the Moment Challenge.

Love the Moment Challenge February

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Love the Moment Challenge: January

The Be A Fun Mum Blog is all about reclaiming the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world. It’s about loving the little moments which are like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece.  This is encapsulated by the slogan, Love the Moment.  The below picture tells the story of one of these moments.

Love the Moment Heart

My 3 year-old son is heavy so I can’t carry him for long periods anymore but I do love to hold him when I can.  On the day this picture was taken, I lifted my son into my arms and walked across the road towards the shopping centre. As I lifted my leg to step up on the footpath, my son twisted to point at something. 

“Look Mum! A love heart!”

And there it was: A heart shape on the road.  I could have so easily missed the moment of happiness. Thank you my son.

I want to capture more love-the-moment moments like this one so I’ve designed a challenge, and you can do it with me if you like.  It consists of daily activities as simple as “take 1 minute to look in your child’s eyes” to create awareness of things we sometimes take for granted. If you follow me on facebook, I will feature the day’s challenge with a few extra ideas also.

Click on the image to access a printer friendly version.

The thing is, I do many of the activities on the calendar in a given day, but the idea is to impress the moments on my mind so I don’t take them for granted. 

Here’s to a New Year where the birds and the wind, the grass and the sky and a hug and a kiss don’t go unnoticed. Love the Moment.

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Blog About It

If you have a blog, you may like to add the Love the Moment Challenge button to your sidebar.  The code is below.

Kleenex Mums Posts

I’ve written about moments and quality time for Kleenex Mums. Here they are:

What is Quality Time?

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Ingredients of a Fun Mum

First you need a large serving, let’s say a dish, of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins = Firm yet fun. Organised yet spontaneous. Direct yet understanding. Imaginative yet realistic. Able to love the moment yet see the future.

Next you need to lace the mix with a dose of Pollyanna.

Pollyanna = A happy heart. Pollyanna’s ‘The Glad Game’ aligns itself nicely to the Love the Moment concept.  The idea is to find something to be glad about in every situation.

Now you can’t really be a Fun Mum unless you add a dash of Willy Wonka.

Willy Wonka = A little crazy. A little bit of mystery, a little bit of spontaneity and a little bit of craziness goes a long way.

how to be a fun mum


How to Be A Fun Mum

Not a Material Girl

I love pretty things. I like happy things. Pretty and happy things like this necklace from Diva ($19.95). It’s like wearing a little happiness around my neck.  When I go in the sun, the light catches on the sequence and sprays like bursts of joy.

I like matching things.  I like dots and and the colour red. I like tea and closing my eyes while holding the cup close to my lips.  I like things that match; even Son matched today!

I’m not a material orientated person; I give anything and everything away.  If someone likes one of my possessions, you will hear me say, “You have it!  I’d love for you to have it!” But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy beautiful things; quite the contrary: I love them. I take time to enjoy the little happiness afforded each day, so it’s easy to let material things go — because there is joy everywhere; you just have to look for it. For me, giving is one of the best joys of all.

Love the Moment

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17.

Love the Moment

The Be A Fun Mum slogan is “Love the Moment”.  I want to elaborate on what Love the Moment means to me as a mother.

“By loving the little moments, I experience snippets of happiness and joy around me, which in turn help me to see Motherhood for what it is: a collection of small moments, like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece.”

Often, this is how my conversations go:

“Hi, how are you?”

“Fine, fine. And how are you?”

“Yeah, good thanks.”

“What have you done this week?”

“Um, well, ah, I’ve been REALLY busy but I can’t remember what I’ve achieved.”

Weeks fly by and I have nothing physical to show for it.  I sometimes feel disheartened.  By loving the little moments, I experience snippets of happiness and joy around me, which in turn, help me to see Motherhood for what it is: a collection of small moments, like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece. 

Below are some of my “Love the Moment” moments:

Walking in my door and enjoying the colours of my girls Karimu bonnets

Seeing my Valentine Monsters on the bookshelf with old books in the background.

Spontaneous hugs

Sipping tea out of pretty cups.

Drinking coffee with my man.

Watching my children experience the wonder of the world.

Hearing the children laugh when Daddy's home.

Wearing flowers in my hair.

When I have a quiet moment to pray. Click the image to read 'The Prayer Book' post.

I make a conscious effort to treasure these moments.  I draw on the little treasures when things are tough; when I feel like I’ve achieved nothing; when I feel like a servant and everyone wants a piece of me; on the days I get up like a robot repeating the same thing, over and over again. I draw on the moments and remember, it’s all worth while. 

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