100 Ways to Love the Moment

love the moment picture

Since I started the Love the Moments Challenges back in January 2011, I have found many ways to enjoy moments both with, and without my kids.  It’s less about doing things and more about being aware; weaving moments into to the day as it happens creates a rich texture to life that brings much enjoyment […]

Love the Moment Challenge December: All About Christmas

making a gingerbread house is very hard

I have done a Love the Moment Challenge every month this year! You can check them all out here: Love the Moment. This month’s challenge is all about Christmas, and our family will be following a Christmas Advent Calendar. Christmas Madness I love the Christmas month. However, I have to admit things are pretty mad […]

Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment

big picture not

I don’t want moments  to fly by with without me noticing them. That’s what the Love the Moment Challenges are all about.  I’ve seen life change very quickly, and so moments are all we all have really.  I would love our family to be free to embrace moments but are neither controlled by them or […]

A Tree: The Journey Begins

peas in the garden

I’m welcoming Fi back to the blog today to tell us where she is at in planning a 6 month family getaway to Bali.  If you missed the first post, you can read it here: A Walk — 6 Months on a Tropical Island. You can my interview with Fi : Family Tropical Adventure in […]

Love the Moment Challenge August

Happy Things

July Love the Moment Challenge ReCap July’s Love the Moment Challenge was all about discovery.  For half of July, our family was on a road trip so we stored all of our holiday treasures in a box. Here they are! This simple idea really is a fantastic thing for kids. You can follow along with the “treasure […]

Love the Moment Challenge — July

Love the moment challenge July

June Re-Cap I challenge myself to think outside the box as I live life so I can find creative ways of doing things. The June Love the Moment Challenge was about that very concept.  Below are some of the things I did that were outside the box (corresponding with the pictures above, left to right). 1. […]

Love the Moment Challenge: June 2011

love the moment activities

New day. New Month. New season. New Moon. New Blog design. New Love the Moment Challenge.  Maybe it’s time to try someting new!  Images and Inspiration Last month’s challenge was inspired by images. Al from Roaming Al participated in the challenge and blogged about many of her “love the moment” moments and you can browse her […]

Slow Life Down Without Being Less Busy

Junji Hamano international perfumer for P & G House

“It was worth flying from Japan, just to hear you say that,”  international perfumer Junji Hamano said to me after our conversation. Yesterday was no ordinary day.  One of the many things blogging has done for me is open up opportunities to discover great products and meet people I may have otherwise not come across. Thanks to […]

Love the Moment Challenge: March

love the moment challenge march

Another month has clicked over. Click. Did you feel it?  I didn’t.  I do wonder sometimes where all the time goes. I seem to lose huge chunks of time somewhere, months even. That’s what I love about the Love the Moment challenges: It’s not about the big picture, as such, but about celebrating all the little moments that […]

February Love the Moment Challenge

Love the Moment Challenge February

February is here already. I lost January somewhere. Did it happen? I’ve put together another Love the Moment Challenge.  If you missed what it’s all about visit this post: Love the Moment Challenge. If you like the idea of the challenge, don’t you dare worry if you forget and don’t do everyday. The Love the […]

Love the Moment Challenge: January

Love the Moment Heart

The Be A Fun Mum Blog is all about reclaiming the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world. It’s about loving the little moments which are like pieces of a puzzle, together creating a beautiful masterpiece.  This is encapsulated by the slogan, Love the Moment.  The below picture tells the story of one of these moments. My 3 year-old son is heavy […]

Ingredients of a Fun Mum

Mary Poppins . Pollyanna . Willy Wonka

First you need a large serving, let’s say a dish, of Mary Poppins Mary Poppins = Firm yet fun. Organised yet spontaneous. Direct yet understanding. Imaginative yet realistic. Able to love the moment yet see the future. Next you need to lace the mix with a dose of Pollyanna. Pollyanna = A happy heart. Pollyanna’s […]

Not a Material Girl


I love pretty things. I like happy things. Pretty and happy things like this necklace from Diva ($19.95). It’s like wearing a little happiness around my neck.  When I go in the sun, the light catches on the sequence and sprays like bursts of joy. I like matching things.  I like dots and and the colour […]