Hair Cut & Colour: Brown & Caramel Highlights

hair cut & colour -- dark brown with carmel highlights

I was as tired as I look in the picture below (bad lighting doesn't help). I felt a bit sick actually. This was the week before I was going away to speak at the Digital Parents Conference and trying to pull that together was huge. There is so much to organise with the children before I can go away, and I often wonder if it's worth it...until I'm there.  I always miss the kids but it's also great to immerse myself in a little project … [Read more...]

New Hair

cut hair short -- hair long to short

It was time. Time for a change. I felt this way before: after the birth of my second child I lopped off my long locks to sport a short hairstyle. 8 years ago New Haircut Eight years on, and the same urge for change was knocking.  In the sometimes blurriness of motherhood, doing something drastic reminds me, that I'm me. It makes me feel alive and gives me a fixed point in time, a fresh start. I need these fixed points so I don't lose … [Read more...]