Decorative Tape Juice Bottle Vase

Use decorative tape to create cute juice bottle vases - on

Juice Bottle Vase So easy, it’s ridiculous.  These are great for a themed area, bedroom or office decoration or birthday party decor.  Put a posy of flowers in to brighten a room or use to store items like pencils or paperclips. Materials Empty Juice Bottles Decorative Tape (I used 3M Scotch Expressions Packing Tape) Instructions […]

DIY: Stunningly Simply Hanging Wall Vase

hanging wall vase

Absolutely anyone can make a stunning hanging wall vase and it costs almost nothing. It’s like having a 3D masterpiece on the wall, and there is something exhilarating about having something so real, bright and wonderful, looking you in the eye and smiling. Before I show you how to make the vase, I want to […]