Imaginative Play: Paver Roads

Imaginative Play - Paver Roads

A few years ago, I put together a rock play garden for my son.  I found cheap pavers and we decorated them and used them as a garden border.  I noticed the kids often used the pavers in little backyard games they made up, and I made a note to buy more (they are really cheap!).   We don't have room for a sandpit but my son, especially, loves the sand and he often comes home from school with shoes full of it! We created a … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene — A Castle Garden


I'm not sure what made me think about it, but I had this idea of using a section of artificial grass as a base for an imaginative play scene.  And so I went to Clark Rubber and bought half a metre (you could probably find the stuff at places like Bunnings too). Cost me under $15, and it's proved to be a hit with the kids. This is the perfect sort of activity for the school holidays, because once you set it up, the kids tend to come back and … [Read more...]

The Magical Waters of Pink Water Bay

Pink water for Barbies

Welcome to the magical waters of Pink Water Bay. Giving a little sparkle to play can be as easy as pink food colouring, glitter and water.  It's all about the little sparkle that lights up the imagination. Materials Large under-bed storage container Pink (or other colour) food colouring Glitter (optional) Barbies or other toys It's warm here in Brisbane now and the kids are playing with water more often. I'm still trying get … [Read more...]

Fun with painted rocks – dinosaur imaginative play

Painted rocks dinosaur game 6

Guest Post by Ness from One Perfect Day Blog We recently spent an afternoon painting some rocks in fun bright patterns. The rocks have been a big hit with my 4 year old son, R. We've used them for all sorts of games including a fun garden treasure hunt.  The collection of rocks you see in the photo above reminded me of dinosaur eggs so I decided to create a dinosaur imaginative play scene. We've created dinosaur worlds before, but this time I … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene: A Fairy Door

imaginative play scene -- fairy door

I came across The Fairy Door Store  on Facebook and I fell instantly in love with the product.  The fairy doors are all kinds of magical cuteness, sure to stimulate imaginative play for kids.  I emailed Sarah from to ask her if she would work with me to do a play scene for my blog, and so here we are. Imaginative Play Scene Materials Fairy Door Shells Decorative stones Fairy or small doll Ribbon or streamers (optional) To … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene: Rainbow Woods

rainbow woods imaginative play scene -- paint sticks

This fun play scene is easy to put together and is sure to bring out all kinds of imaginative play! The Rainbow Woods There are twists, and turns; bends and corners: welcome to the Rainbow Woods. You may find secret messages, written on the trees in black ink, so look closely, and oh-so-carefully; there might even be treasure. Materials Large rectangle plastic container Sticks Cups, pots or small containers Small rocks, sand or … [Read more...]

Play Scene: Cardboard Box City

carboard box city -- play scene

Well, well! The children and I spent a glorious afternoon creating this cardboard box city.  It cost me all of...nothing, was mess free and is still going strong! There are many inspirational ideas like this around the web, like this one from Picklebums. Below is how we made our city. Materials Tea Chest Size packing box larger (the bigger the box, the better!) (I have many packing boxes around from our last move but you can buy them … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene: Ocean

ocean play scene-1

This play scene is easy to set up. You can either fill a container with water (more like this Desert Island Play Scene) or add sand to create more of a beach look as pictured above. Materials Large rectangle container Empty ice-cream bucket Blue food colouring (optional) Sand (optional) Sea figurines like turtles, sharks, fish, dolphin Shells, coral Milk Bottle Lid Boat (or cut down a plastic cup to use as a … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene: Pond


I enjoy setting up imaginative play scenes for my kids. You can read the reason why in this post: Desert Island Play Scene.  My latest creation is a pond scene. It's easy and cheap to set up. The inspiration for this project was milk bottle lids; on water, they look like lily pads so I created a play scene around that. Materials Large rectangle plastic container Rocks/pebbles Leaves/grass Plastic bowl Stick (log) Milk … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene: Rock Towers

imaginative play scene -- rock tower

The children and I are having so much fun with imaginative play scenes this holidays.  We recently created a Magical Play Space and Desert Island Play Scene and this time, we created a rock towers which are also ideal for a feature in the garden. This is something that can be done anywhere there are rocks, for example, a creek, beach, bush walk, picnic spots or at home.  We have many rocks in our yard so we made some rock towers as a background … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene — Island

Imaginative Play Scene -- Desert Island

I confessed that I don't get down and play with my kids all that often, but I do constantly facilitate and watch them play.   One of the things I enjoy to do is help set up play scenes for the children.  I was first inspired by this concept by Kate from Picklebums and I highly recommend this post from her: Imaginative Play at Home. Fostering imaginative play is important to me as it's evolving play: it starts with the building phase, then the … [Read more...]

Imaginative Play Scene — Tree House

imaginative play scene -- tree house

Kate from Picklebums first introduced me to the concept of Imaginative Play Scenes. Since then, the kids and I have a lot of fun creating environments for the kids to play in. Setting up a play scene doesn't take a lot of time and the play benefits last over days.  Pop over and read Kate's post for some more ideas: Imaginative Play at Home. Imaginative Play Scene -- Tree House Materials: Box Paint (optional) Patty Cases Other items to … [Read more...]