100 Ways to Be A Fun Mum

100 Ways to Be A Fun Mum

The Be A Fun Mum team brainstormed together and came up with a huge list of ways to be a fun mum. Some of these are super simple and quick, and some are more elaborate.  This list is supposed to be 100 Ways to Be A Fun Mum, but we ended up with more than that, so it stands at over 120 (at the moment). Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? 

  1. Laugh.
  2. Have a water fight.
  3. Let them win.
  4. Cute picnics outside.
  5. Slow Down.
  6. Go with the flow.
  7. Jump in puddles.
  8. Camp out in the backyard.
  9. Get down on their level.
  10. Lounge room dancing.
  11. Have a day of YES. Don’t tell the kids about it but simply just say yes to every request (within reason) and let the other things go.
  12. Tickle.
  13. Do an activity you’ve never done before (Google for inspiration).
  14. Join in with EVERYTHING the kids do for an afternoon.
  15. Be silly.
  16. Tell jokes.
  17. Let them help peel veggies.
  18. If you have more than one child, take them out somewhere special on their own, just the two of you.
  19. Squishes at bedtime.
  20. Sing songs.
  21. Quote lines from favourite movies.
  22. Forget the housework sometimes.
  23. Listen, really take the time to listen.
  24. Let them help you cook and bake.
  25. Camp in the lounge room.
  26. Make a fort under the table.
  27. Sit on the floor with your kids.
  28. Play in the rain.
  29. Skip together, anywhere!
  30. Do funny voices during story time.
  31. Sing off tune (on purpose).
  32. Use expression.
  33. High-Five.
  34. Make mistakes (on purpose) when telling a familiar story.
  35. Pretend to get cross when they fly away from you on the swing. “Come back here!
  36. Allow them to pick your outfit or do your hair for the day.
  37. YOU have fun.  Yes, YOU!
  38. Make doing chores fun by being enthusiastic. COME ON TEAM! WE CAN DO THIS!!
  39. Say, “I love you.”
  40. Drop your expectations.
  41. Run through the sprinkler in the backyard.
  42. Have a race.
  43. Wear colourful accessories.
  44. Make up a silly story.
  45. Smile. A lot.
  46. Make something yummy as a treat.
  47. Go swimming with them.
  48. Show them how to enjoy the little things in life.
  49. Practice gratefulness.
  50. Tell stories about your childhood. When I was a little girl…
  51. Enjoy nature everyday.
  52. Let them create.
  53. Be imaginative.
  54. Lay a beach towel in the back yard and look for shapes in the clouds.
  55. Watch television together
  56. Make paper airplanes and have a race.
  57. Sit back and watch your kids.
  58. Create felt pen tattoos.
  59. Organise surprises for your kids.  For example: Plan a trip to a theme park, the cinema or something your child loves but just tell them it’s a mystery outing. Have their bags packed and start driving to your mystery location. 
  60. Visit family and cousins.
  61. Have themed international dinners. Pick a country, do some research together online or at the library, shop and prepare it together. Maybe even find decorations or costumes eg. sombreros and brightly coloured serviettes for a Mexican night.
  62. Have a ‘stay in your PJs all day’ day.
  63. Chase the kids around the house.
  64. Leave little treats in their lunch boxes for them to find at school…like a special note or a  secret message on a banana.
  65. Introduce the kids to fondue!
  66. Make a dessert pizza (Max Brenner style). Put all the ingredients on the table and let the kids go for it! Nutella ‘sauce’, cornflakes, marshmallows, white and milk choc chips  Either buy thin pre-made pizza bases or make them yourself if you have a good recipe.
  67. Do funny-face selfies.
  68. Give them a spay bottle of water each on a hot day. Let the kids go nuts.
  69. Makeovers. Set up hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, lipstick, blush, glitter spray etc.
  70. Hair chalk.
  71. Do nail polish.
  72. Put a drop of food colouring in the bath. Or a few drops of different colours.
  73. Set up a fish tank together.
  74. Make a fairy garden together.
  75. Bury “treasure” in the sandpit and let them dig it up.
  76. Go to Bunnings and let them push a mini trolley around.
  77. Set up a beach tent in the lounge room, pile in pillows and snacks, and watch a movie.
  78. Make sock puppets out of old socks.
  79. Plant a vege/herb patch.
  80. Write a letter to a friend or relative and post it. Pre-writers can draw a picture.
  81. Wash all the doll clothes (old school style) in a bucket with soapy water, rinse and let them hang them on a lower line with pegs (good for fine motor)
  82. Go through or visit a car wash.
  83. Google natural face mask recipes (e.g. honey, oats, egg whites etc) and give each other a facial.
  84. Play ‘car wash’ with toy cars or small ride ons.
  85. Build a tree house.
  86. Flower pressing: find pretty flowers in the garden and press between wax paper inside some very heavy books.
  87. Buy fabric paint and get your child to decorate their own shirt.
  88. Camp out in your own backyard.
  89. Make paper airplanes and have a race
  90. Do a water fight outside.
  91. Set up a lemonade stall outside your house…see how many you can sell!
  92. Go strawberry picking.
  93. Get your child to choose a cake from a kids birthday cake book and make one…just because. Invite friends for afternoon tea.
  94. Lay a blue beach towel out in the living area and add toys to create a beach play scene.
  95. Get a huge roll of paper and let the kids go nuts with drawing a huge mural or tracing around their bodies.
  96. Make your own kites and fly on a windy day
  97. Go on a nature walk around the block & see how many cool flowers, feathers, rocks & leaves you can find.
  98. Treasure hunt around your house: Leave clues and drawings at certain spots around the house which directs them to the next clue with a little surprise or note at the end.
  99. Play wii with your kids. When mum gets involved sometimes, it can be lots more fun.
  100. Take the telescope outside at night a do star gazing. Get a book or research online about the stars.
  101. Let the kids to make their own placemats. They can cut out lots of coloured cardboard into shapes and stick them onto a piece of contact. Contact the other side and turn them into placemats for dinner time.
  102. Make barbie or dolls cloths together out of paper.
  103. Tarp, water & laundry liquid. Do a homemade slip and slide!
  104. Mix dishwashing liquid & water. Use a straw and blow bubbles upon bubbles on baking trays set up on a table top.
  105. Set up a photo booth and take funny pictures. Think party hats, sunglasses and stick on moustaches. 
  106. Work on a Christmas family concert for Christmas Eve. Read or act out the Christmas story, look for a Christmas poem to recite, play carols on instruments, a special dance or do a mock interview with Mary and Joseph ect. Good fun in the lead up to Christmas!
  107. Go on a family holiday at least once a year.
  108. Have an early dinner and then go for a ‘mystery’ drive to a lookout or a jetty and look at the moon. Then get a soft serve ice cream cone on the way home.
  109. Explore your own city! Get on the ferry, bus or train and get off at one stop per outing and explore that area. Look for parks, cafes, any local attractions, interesting houses.
  110. Take the kids to the museum and let them take photos of their favourite exhibits.  Print out the photos when you get home and make a book
  111. Go ice skating!
  112. Board game night. Scrabble, monopoly etc.
  113. Smash out exercise together with your kids.  Do something you all enjoy.
  114. Watch funny cat videos on YouTube.
  115. Establish a ‘how does it work Wednesday’. Each week, watch a how-to video on YouTube.  For example, how bread is made, how is rice grown, how is glass made.
  116. Research your family tree together. Draw it out on paper. Look at photos.
  117. Make shadow hand puppets.
  118. Try and draw anything your child asks you to. Take turns and laugh at your efforts.
  119. Watch old home movies…show the kids your wedding video!
  120. Make gloop, cloud dough or play dough
  121. Greet your kids after school with a huge exuberant smile!
  122. Be you. And share that uniqueness with your kids.

100 Ways to Be A Fun Mum

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No Time to Be Fun

no time to be fun with kids

Settling the kids into school, and into a different routine, has been pretty full on.  It’s been hectic, and I’m left with a heavy anxious feeling after I drop the kids to school. I’m not necessarily worried about them — they are doing okay — it’s the after affects of pulling it all together in the morning.  It’s not just the normal stuff — lunches, uniforms — it’s trying to be patient while my daughter (with some special needs) adjusts to the new routine, and how this impacts on our family.

It’s a strange thing: I know what is ahead so I get up-tight, and my stress affects her, which makes it worse, so on, so forth. Not that strange I guess. So the merry-go-round is spinning right now.  The anxiety is sapping some of my strength but I know things will get easier as we all settle into a routine.

That all brings me to this post: No Time to Be Fun.  You know, I think being fun with your kids is not defined so much by the activities you do with your kids, or even what large chunks of time you spend with them, but how you invest in the moments as they happen. How you invest, not in activites, but life. I’m becoming more and more convienced of this truth the longer I parent. I don’t always do it well but I’m aware of it.

Here are some of the ways I incorporate fun things into my everyday life as a parent.  It means I still can be fun when it’s not that fun, you know?

1. Touch

I’m very affectionate with my kids. I put my hand on their head when they come stand at my side. I kiss them randomly, and often. I hold their hands. We tickle. And hug. I make a point of making physical connection often.

2. Attention

I work on giving my children my full attention for the 10 seconds they ask a question or make a comment. Just 10 seconds. 10 seconds of absolute, I’m-looking-at-you-right-in-the-eye attention. I can try and do that. Yes.

3. On Their Level

I get down on my children’s level as much as I can. When I talk to my 4-year-old son, I crouch down so we are eye to eye. Getting down on his level is something I’ve come to enjoy. I do it so often now, it’s like a habit and I often get down low; the view of the world is different from down there. I like it.

4. Words

I love words and using them in my parenting. Here are some examples: The Not So Serious, Serious Word and Words as Concepts. I also use weird jingles the kids will most probably outgrow someday…and when they do, I hope they still humour me and let me do it.  One of my favourites is Quick Stick, Bees Knees, which means “Hurry up.”

It’s nice when the kids start to get humour and I can get away with being sarcastic with them. For example: when my 10-year-old is whinging about something really minor, I’ll say, “NO. WAY.”  She will laugh and say, “MUM! I’m serious!” Ah yes, a bit of humour goes a long, long way.


My son has a Transformer…doll? Is that what you call it? A doll? Anyway, it says, in that techno voice, “Auto-bots, roll out.”  Sometimes, when we get home, I’ll say, “Auto-bots, roll out,” as the children get out of the car.  It’s silly, and I usually get a laugh from the kids. I want to connect the things in our lives, and what we do as a family, with the moments we have. Thanks to my husband, Star Wars quotes are often used in conversations at our place too. We one of those families who can have entire conversations through Star Wars quotes. HA! It’s sad really.

6. Imagination

My kids constantly remind me how amazing it is to use imagination. We can pretend the car is a plane on a long trip or imagine the bit of dirt in the middle of the lake is a Pirate’s Island. At one of our favourite parks, right next to a lake, there is an island (pictured below). We named it Misty Island and we often talk about what could be over there (even when we are not at the park).

how to be a fun mum

7. Expression

Thumbs up. High five.

Big grin. Bright Eyes.

Soft smile. Small jump.

A word. A hug.

There are million ways I can encourage, give and love through how I express myself, and it really doesn’t take any extra time.

8. Smiling

I make a point of smiling when I greet my children after school. “Hi Beautifuls! How was your day?”

9. Inclusion

I can’t include the children in everything I do but I try when I can. The older 2 girls take turns at pushing the trolley when we shop for food; the younger 2 love helping me with dinner. Those sorts of everyday things can be fun for kids.

10. Share Life

I want to walk beside my kids as we journey through life together.  I want to share who I am with them and learn more about who they are. It’s about togetherness.

It all adds up, or so I hope to think. Investing here, giving there. Grasping opportunities and living deliberately.  All the little things, the small things, the moments: they add up over time to create something special, memorable…and fun. Do you think?

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