Easy Upstyle Hair Tutorial

This is my go-to hairstyle when my hair is dirty, when I’m going out or when I don’t have time to style it (but I need to go somewhere and look presentable). When I wear my hair like this, people often comment how glamorous it looks but honestly, it’s just so easy to do and suitable for most med-long length hair. 

upstyle hair style

It looks good with a clip or simple without any embellishment too.

easy up style

Easy upstyle hair tutorial




Bobby pins (3-10 depending on length/thickness of hair)

Clip (optional)

How to

It’s a bit tricky doing it without a mirror but this video demonstrates how to do this style.


1.  Loosely Part hair to one side and pull back into a pony tail (middle of your head).

2.  Twist hair up towards the top of your head.

3.  Create half a bun by looping your hair around.

4. Then tuck the excess hair inside the roll.

5. Secure hair with bobby bins, placed in behind and on the top of the roll.

6. Gently comb the sides to adjust any bumps.

7.  Hair spray.

Fringe or No Fringe

This hair style works if you have a fringe or not.  I do it with both, depending on how long my hair is i.e. how long since I’ve been to the hairdresser (March 2014 was my last cut).  I usually wear a fringe to the side (as per the first pics) and I simply comb it to the side and spray. Or, if my fringe is longer (as the pic below) I incorporate the fringe into the pulled-back hair and wear it like that.


To make this style sit a little higher at the front, tease the front section with a brush, before smoothing the top section slightly to the side.  And then follow the instructions above.

Easy upstyle tutorial

Dakota Fanning Inspired Hair Tutorial

I loved 18-year-old Dakota Fanning’s sweet hair style at the 2012 Met Ball and thought it appropriate for my girls (and myself!). The style is girly, yet effortlessly elegant.

My three daughters like trying pretty styles in their hair and we created this Scunci Look of the Week with Dakota Fanning tutorial using the gorgeous new Scunci Gem Hair Clips.

dakota fanning inspired hair tutorial from met ball 2012

What you need

2 x mini hair elastic bands

4 bobby pins

Hair mousse (optional)

Hair spray

6 x hair clips (or more!)

The team at Scunci gave me Gem Hair Clips ($5.95) to try. LOVE THEM!  Available in either blue or pink, they sparkle delicately and hold the hair beautifully without pulling. Perfect for special occasions and every day wear.

scunci gem hair clips hair tutorial


dakota fanning inspired hair tutorial from 2012 Met Ball

1. Put a little mousse in the hair before you start, and brush the hair into a middle (or natural) part. Take a small section at the side of the head.

2. Do a loose plait. Use a small hair band at the end of the plait to hold it in place while you do the same to the other side.

3. Repeat with the other side.

4. Take one plait and use a few bobby pins to fasten just behind where the other plait starts. This way, you won’t see the hair end (or the hair band) and the back piece looks seamless.

5. Take the other plait over the first one, tuck under and fasten with bobby pins.

6. Place as many gem hair clips along the loose plait and hair spray to set.

Easy!  I need to try this in my hair next.

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Hair Up, No Hairband

I often need to put my hair up but, alas, I  haven’t a hairband.  Here is a video tutorial of how you can put your hair up with no hairband. This will only work if your hair is long.

North and South Period Hair Style and Makeup

period drama hair white


I recently stayed up far too late to watch my favourite period drama, North and South (BBC). This tutorial was inspired  by Margaret Hale’s hair style played by Daniela Denby-Ashe.

margaret kelly hair

Hair Tutorial

Bobby Pins

Tiny Hair Bands

Hair Decoration

The flower used in my hair was purchased from Lindcraft for about $3. If you want to go for a more traditional lookhair slide use a hair slide like this one (pictured).


I kept the make-up for this look modern yet soft.

Make-up Tutorial

Face – Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation (neutral)

Cheeks – MAC Bronzing Powder (refined golden)

Concealer – MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer (NW25)

Eye Lid – Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad Gemstones (Cashmere)

Eye Crease – Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad Gemstones (Alabaster)

Eye Line – Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad Gemstones (Irish Moss)

Eye lashes – Avon Shock Mascara (Black)

Lips – Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Ginger Rose)


Concealer – MAC 194SE

Bronzer – MAC 187SE

Foundation – MAC  182SE

Eye Shadow – MAC 275SE

Eye Line – MAC 212SE

NOTE: If you are wanting to buy MAC brushes, wait until they have sets for sale.  It’s a lot cheaper than buying them seperately.

Sometimes it’s okay to live in the past.

See my Gwyneth Paltrow inspired Emma tutorial here.

Elegant Christmas Hair-Do


I do this hair style all the time.  It only takes a few minutes and looks elegant.

Video Tutoral



1.  Part hair to one side and pull back into a pony tail (middle of your head).

2.  Twist hair up towards your forhead.

3.  Create a bun by looping your hair.

4. Tuck the excess hair into the roll.

5. Secure hair with bobby bins, placed in behind the roll.

6. Comb out lumps and insert decoration.

7.  Hair spray.

Products used

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Bobby Pins


Hair Decoration