Fun for Older Kids: Create Stop Motion on Powerpoint

June 29, 2014

Our family uses technology for all kinds of things, not just entertainment.  I wanted to share a stop motion project Miss 10 has been working on since she was 9 years old. So, that’s over a year! As the kids get older, I find it’s important to engage them on a more detailed level and [...]

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10 Fun things to do on New Year’s Eve as a family

December 27, 2013

Some of the sparkle of staying up on New Year’s Eve wore off for me between changing nappies and sleepless nights.   However, now my kids are older, staying up late on New Year’s Eve holds a Cinderella novelty for them.  As I watch their excitement, I’m reminded of how fun celebrating the dawn of a [...]

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Play Scene: Dinosaur Island

August 8, 2012

Last week, my son and I spent the day at the museum.  He loved the dinosaurs the best. {At the museum} I enjoy using things we do together as inspiration for facilitating play, and so we created a Dinosaur Play Scene. Come and see Dinosaur Island. Materials Under-bed storage plastic container (or other plastic container) [...]

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Balloon Fight Fun

August 5, 2010

Simple-Cheap-Easy Activity 1. Materials: newspaper, masking tape and a balloon. 2. Roll a section of newspaper 3. Tape roll together along entire roll All that is left to do is blow the balloon up and let the fight games begin.  I must warn you, this is a fun but LOUD activity. Disclaimer: Enjoy in small doses. Loud [...]

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Family Holiday: Go and Make Memories

June 23, 2010

I fondly remember my childhood family holidays.  My Dad asked a grown-up-me this question recently: “Do you remember us taking you to ________?”  I couldn’t remember, and I could tell my Dad was a little disappointed.  Then I said, “Dad, it doesn’t matter that I can’t remember every single place we visited, what matters is [...]

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Stick & Bead Wind-chime

June 7, 2010

My sister and I enjoyed doing this craft activity together: Glass Meets Nature Wind-chime. It was simple to do and the finished product looked fantastic.  The children were excited so I’m going to do one with them too but with old cutlery instead of ceramic shapes (see note below). Materials Stick (hunt the backyard for the perfect [...]

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