Three Play Ideas for Plastic Balls

three play activities for plastic balls

When my eldest daughter turned one and I was organizing her first Birthday party, I headed to Kmart to buy a $12 inflatable ball pit. When the pit was blown up (it was like a mini paddling pool), and the accompanying balls were emptied into the pit, I knew I needed to get more balls. […]

Mini Habitats

Backyard Play - make mini habitats

This activity and post is entirely kid-made. I had nothing to do with any of it. Photographs and this post was done by my 12-year-old. The set up was created by my 8, 10 and 12 year old. Such an easy activity for the backyard. Mini habitats are a wonderful way to get creative. You just […]

Backyard River Play

Fun for kids - alfoil river

Late one hot and sunny afternoon, the kids and I made a river in the backyard to float milk bottle lid boats. It was easy to set up and we had all the items needed already in the house. Materials Aluminium Foil Hose Milk bottle lid boats – see here for tutorial (blu tack, twig or […]

Rainbow Collage

Rainbow Collage

Rainbow collage This activity is a fun way to keep little ones busy for a long time. First you need to go on a treasure hunt to find all the bits and pieces to use, then you need to sort them into colours and if they are still interested – stick them onto a collage. […]

2 Easy Water Experiments for Kids

Salt and Ice Experiment

School’s back and sometimes the little ones left at home miss their older siblings. Here are a few quick and super fun experiments that you can do together to keep them occupied. The best part is, they don’t need any special equipment or ingredients – these are all things that you should have at home already. […]

Stretchy Slime

Slime/Silly Putty - a great sensory activity for kids

This is the most fun we have had with a sensory play activity in ages. I must admit it has the been frustrating for me as I tried so many different ingredients and methods to come up with the one that we thought was the best. But don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard for you […]

DIY Scratch & Sniff Painting

Minion printable - scratch and sniff picture

Scratch & Sniff Painting Scratch & sniff stickers certainly bring me back to my primary school days where I couldn’t wait to check my homework in the hope that there was a smelly sticker on it from the teacher. Oooohh… the strawberry ones were the best!! I haven’t seen them around for many years so […]

Squishy Balloon Faces

Simple fun for kids - Squishy Balloon Faces

These squishy balloon faces are so easy and fun, and they cost next to nothing.  Materials Play Dough (recipe below) Permanent Marker Balloons (good quality) Instructions 1. Make a batch of play dough. This recipe will fill about 3-4 balloons but if you want more, just double/triple it. 1/4 cup of salt 1/2 cup of plain flour 1 tablespoon […]

Friendship Bands

Wool Friendship Bands

I attended a conference in Sydney recently, and received a goodie bag from Spotlight with a variety of colourful mini wool balls. I LOVE Spotlight and they have an online store too.  I can knit basic things, and wool is useful for many non-knitting craft projects too (for example: wooden spoon puppets, mermaid peg dolls, Barbie skirt). […]

Dot Painting

Painting activity for kids - dot painting

Aboriginal dot paintings are a wonderful tradition that is great to introduce to our kids in a simplistic form. It is also a fun thing to do where minimal items are required. Keep them in your art cupboard and you can do this activity whenever boredom strikes. It is simple and best of all, doesn’t […]

Homemade Puff Paint

How to make your own puff paint with items from the pantry

Homemade Puff Paint When I was a little girl I used puff paint all the time and drew designs on anything I could find – especially T-shirts and shoes. The only problem was, they came in the smallest bottles and were quite expensive so I didn’t get to use it as much as I would […]

Chalk Games – Hit the Target

Chalk games - hit the target

On the school holidays, I made up a huge box of fun stuff to keep the kids occupied. One of the goodies I always have in stock is chalk. It’s so handy for many outdoor play ideas.  One of the games my children play is hit the target. They set this up themselves.  Materials Cheap sponge […]