My Flower Girl, Her Flower Girl

Almost fifteen years ago, I married my childhood sweetheart, Matthew. Here’s a few pics I found on our wedding day (in the pre-digital days).

Wedding Kelly and Matthew

One of Matthew’s sisters was my flower girl. Her name is Emma and she was 5 at the time…and then 15 years later, that little girl got married. She’s the person that often looks after my children when I’m away (she’s a fab Aunty!). Emma is such a beautiful person and it was a joy to see her so happy and SO STUNNING on her wedding day.

Flower Girl then and now

And you know what was special?  My daughter was Emma’s flower girl and there is such a similarity between the two! Look!

 Emma (my flower girl) and I on my wedding day                    My daughter and Emma on her wedding day

Flower Girls

It was a special day, and I was struck with the beauty of family and the heritage we can create for generations to come. I was struck by God’s Grace and the gift of love.

Below are a few professional photos taken by Brisbane photographers Trent & Jessie. When I saw the picture below, my heart burst with the pure love and joy of it! I may of cried!

Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl Dress

Flower Girl and Bride

Wedding - Matt and Emma

And here are some of my own pics.  How gorgeous was her flower girls dress!? My daughter loved it.

Dress: Just Adorable from Oillie’s Place

Hair: Anna Hockey from Timeless Grace

Shoes: Williams Shoes

Flowers: Bits & Buds

Flower girl dress

Flower Girl Dress

Flower girl dress

Flower girl shoes

Flower Girl Hair

Flower girl hair

How to Make a Flower Head Wreath

how to make a flower head wreath

There is something simple, sweet and girlish about a flower head wreath. And I’ve always had a hankering to make a wildflower one.  As a family, we’ve been taking the Love the Moment Challenge and the challenge for the day was to take a few moments to smell flowers.  My husband had the day off work so we decided to go for a drvie in the country.  Our car broke down — true — right near a gorgeous patch of wildflowers. I know they were probably weeds but they look oh-so-pretty don’t you think? While we waited for RACQ to come, we made flower head wreaths.  I can tell you, we didn’t mind the wait. Not at all.

How to Make a Flower Head Wreath


Bag Ties: You know the ones that come in freezer bag packet? That’s what I used. As an alternative, pipe cleaners or string can be used.

Wire Craft Circle Ring 20 cm: I purchased mind from Spotlight.

Fresh or fake flowers


1. Place flowers facing outwards on the wire circle.

2. Wind the stems of the flowers around the wire.

3. Keep in place by twisting a bag tie around the flowers.

4. Repeat until the wire is covered in flowers.

How to Make a Flower Head Wreath Instructions

What a beautiful time!  Here are some pictures of our finished flower head wreaths.

how to make a flower head wreath

how to make a flower head wreath

picking flowers

This activity is fun for boys too. My son loves picking flowers.  He wasn’t keen to wear the wreath but he had fun collecting flowers for me and looking for interesting things to see along the way.

Botany Bay Diamond Weevil - Chrysolopus spectabilis green beetle

We found these beetles. After googling, I think they may be Botany Bay Diamond Weevil Beetles (Chrysolopus spectabilis).

It’s summer here in Australia and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and the flowers…even if they are weeds.

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