My Flower Girl, Her Flower Girl

Flower Girl and Bride

Almost fifteen years ago, I married my childhood sweetheart, Matthew. Here’s a few pics I found on our wedding day (in the pre-digital days). One of Matthew’s sisters was my flower girl. Her name is Emma and she was 5 at the time…and then 15 years later, that little girl got married. She’s the person that often looks […]

How to Make a Flower Head Wreath

How to Make a Flower Head Wreath Instructions

There is something simple, sweet and girlish about a flower head wreath.  My husband had the day off work this day, so we decided to go for a drvie in the country.  Our car broke down, right near a gorgeous patch of wildflowers. While we waited for roadside assistance to arrive, we made flower head wreaths.  We didn’t mind the wait. […]