Conversations in the Car

Apple Yoda

“Would you mind dropping me to work in the morning?” my husband asked before we went to sleep. We only have one car, you see, and he usually caught the bus, but it would be a public holiday. Kids would be home from school so a no-rush-morning would make it possible. “Sure, we can get […]

Three Words

parenting inspiration: lead by example

“Three words,” my husband said suddenly, as he appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. I looked up from what I was doing and started throwing words at him. “Self-control, kindness, love.” “All good words but not the three I’m thinking of.”  Although he was serious, he had a cheeky sparkle in his eye that […]


family resilience

This past month has been tough for our family for many reasons. There’s been a few shocks, uncertainty about the future and the aftermath of emotion related to such things. We’ll be okay; we’ve weathered many storms before and have learned to be resilient. During dips in family life, I notice three main things that […]

A Window in Family Life

family / parenting / holidays

There are many seasons in family life, and we have just entered a narrow window. We’ve moved from the toddler stage (where I made many personal sacrifices) into the a period where the children are old enough to remember all the fun times we are experiencing together, but still young enough to do everything with us. […]