Three Words

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"Three words," my husband said suddenly, as he appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. I looked up from what I was doing and started throwing words at him. "Self-control, kindness, love." "All good words but not the three I'm thinking of."  Although he was serious, he had a cheeky sparkle in his eye that I love so well. Although I was serious in my reply, there was an edge of banter to my words. About an hour before this conversation, in the … [Read more...]


family resilience

This past month has been tough for our family for many reasons. There's been a few shocks, uncertainty about the future and the aftermath of emotion related to such things. We'll be okay; we've weathered many storms before and have learned to be resilient. During dips in family life, I notice three main things that happen in family life. Three things I notice when we go through a dip in Family Life 1. Reactive rather than proactive … [Read more...]

My Family Hasn’t Turned Out Like I Thought it Would

White and Yellow Cockietiel pet bird

Family life: Before my husband and I had  children, we had an idea of what it would look like. To a large extent, our ideals were a combination of many of the positives from our childhood experiences married with our own personal values. Many of the things I hoped for have come to be but more than that: it's surprising to see how family life is its own entity, and has grown around me, and in many ways in spite of me and my notorious long term … [Read more...]

A Window in Family Life

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There are many seasons in family life, and we have just entered a narrow window. We've moved from the toddler stage (where I had to make many personal sacrifices) into the a period where the children are old enough to remember all the fun times we are experiencing together, but still young enough to do everything with us. I remember something my Mum said about this stage of parenting (she died 5 years ago and I cherish memories that pop back … [Read more...]