Make Your Own Pizza Night!

Make your own pizza night

I use this simple dough mixture a lot.  I've made scrolls for the lunch box & flat bread for soup, and I also use this recipe for pizza bases sometimes. Personally, I prefer the regular pizza base recipe, however this is so quick and easy and the husband and the kids love it so I often whip this up for a quick & fun dinner night. The children love picking their own toppings to build their pizza and it's a lovely family activity to … [Read more...]

Taking Kids to Crowded Places

EKKA 2011

  The husband and I took the kids to the EKKA (aka The Brisbane Show) for the first time last weekend.  One of the reasons why we haven't ventured out to the show with our children before is, well...because taking four children to a heavily crowded event is a nightmare challenging. Now the kids are more independent, we decided to attend the annual show this year. I have so many … [Read more...]

100 School Holiday Activity Ideas

have fun this school holidays

School holiday are here! And I like it. Mind you, there is always an adjustment period at my place, when the children are settling into a new routine and getting used to being around each other more.  Three days it usually takes for us all to adjust. This school holidays, I'm looking forward to lazy mornings, no school lunches and the flexibility to do things with the children when I want.  The trick to fun school holidays is to … [Read more...]

15 Adventurous Things To Do With Kids

adventurous things to do with kids -- drive down a different road to a new place

I'm a sucker for adventure. I love the thrill of visiting new places and the excitment of doing new things. Adventure doesn't have to stop once you have a family. Quite the opposite in fact. Children tend to embrace adventure with open arms.  As a family, we find many ways to be adventurous and I'm sharing some ideas below. 15 adventurous things to do with kids 1. Drive down a new street or take a different road home If there is spare time … [Read more...]

Family Fun: Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane

Family Fun: Revist Childhood Memories

I felt a buzz as I looked around the familiar setting. Memories flooded back as I remembered myself as a carefree child running around in the cool mountain air making stick cubby houses and drinking hot Milo. Fast forward 20 years and here I was, not a child anymore, but a parent, bringing my my own children to Tamborine Mountain for the annual Easter Convention. It was the first time our family was able to attend the convention for the entire … [Read more...]

Planning a Family Holiday plus Giveaway

planning a family holiday

Planning a Family Holiday by Laine Yates I have to admit: I’m a research nerd. So, planning a family holiday is right up my alley.  Often, friends ask me if I’ve researched a certain topic before they do anything because chances are, I’ve already explored it to the nth degree! I’ve have planned many trips with our boys and here are a few things we take into account when planning a family holiday: What kind of holiday is your family … [Read more...]

Entertaining Kids When Travelling plus Special Offer

Spot It Travel Game

Summer holidays are right around the corner so I've asked Laine, Mum of 2, experienced traveller and founder of Ickle Kids, to share her tips for travelling with kids. Laine's didn't stop travelling when she became a mother, instead she found ways to continue to travel with her family.  That's what Ickle Kids is all about.  It was borne out the desire to keep her young children entertained when her family were out and about.  Call it a … [Read more...]

What Other Fun Mums Are Doing

Pink Pasta Day

Welcome to a new section here at Be A Fun Mum where I'll be showcasing the fun things YOU are doing with your kids.  If you would like to be featured in the next one, read the submissions guidelines.  1. We Did a Post IDEA! FunMum Erin read this post: Pink Lemonade and Pink Pasta Please, and made some pasta for her girls "Thanks so much Kelly, they did this for over two hours." 2. Christmas Craft FunMum Isabeau made a Christmas … [Read more...]

Paper Dolls

Children playing with Paper Dolls

What fun can be had with a bit of paper cut out into the shape of a doll! 1.  Decorate with pencils and play "Mums and Dads" like this pair. 2.  Make a family line for the wall like my older daughter did. See what your child can do with paper dolls. Note: For best results, print out on thick gsm paper or glue paper on cardboard. Paper Dolls Free Printout (click for PDF file) External Links I'm joining in with Childhood101 We Play. … [Read more...]

Balloon Fight Fun

fight fun

Simple-Cheap-Easy Activity 1. Materials: newspaper, masking tape and a balloon. 2. Roll a section of newspaper 3. Tape roll together along entire roll All that is left to do is blow the balloon up and let the fight games begin.  I must warn you, this is a fun but LOUD activity. Disclaimer: Enjoy in small doses. Loud Fun Game ideas:   Hit the balloon - Roll a pair of socks and play golf or baseball - Sword fight (obvious rules apply) … [Read more...]

Vintage Butterfly String

vintage butterfly string

I kept the leftover paper used in the Vintage Secret Treasure Box and Vintage Paper Hanging Lantern to make a Vintage Butterfly String for my daughter to run around with in the fallen leaves. It's a simple joy. What you need: Vintage Paper (from a vintage book) ** Ribbon/Wool/String 1. Fold paper back and forth to make a fan / 2. Fold in half / 3. Repeat four or five times and tie each butterfly on a length of string  Vintage Secret … [Read more...]

Family Holiday Packing

holiday box packing

I fondly remember my childhood family holidays.  Recently, my Dad asked me, "Do you remember us taking you to ________?" I couldn't remember, and I could tell my Dad was a little disappointed.  Then I said, "Dad, it doesn't matter that I can't remember every single place we visited, what matters is you and Mum created memories of an overwhelmingly happy childhood." Holidays are about creating memories of an overwhelmingly … [Read more...]

Finger Food Night

finger food

I decided to do a finger food night instead of a sit-down dinner.  It was a wonderful family time experience.  The excitement was audible; my 4 year old said it just right, "WE'RE HAVING A TEA PARTY!"  Ingredients Anything you like. This was my list: * Spring rolls * Carrot sticks * Sliced Cucumber * Chips * Chicken strips * Spinach and Fetta Triangles  Benefits * NO WASHING UP! (Um... that would have to be my favourite) * Sitting on … [Read more...]