family resilience

This past month has been tough for our family for many reasons. There's been a few shocks, uncertainty about the future and the aftermath of emotion related to such things. We'll be okay; we've weathered many storms before and have learned to be resilient. During dips in family life, I notice three main things that happen in family life. Three things I notice when we go through a dip in Family Life 1. Reactive rather than proactive … [Read more...]

Family Dynamics: It’s like the Zipper

family dynamics in play

There's change in the air. There is always change when it comes to family dynamics now that I think about it. It's one of the challenges of parenting: just when you think you have it right, something changes. There are new stages, new behaviours to confront, adult issues like work and financial pressures, emotions, relationships and personalities, all thrown into a mix of ever changing variables. Family dynamics  remind me of the Zipper ride at … [Read more...]