Crumbed Chicken with Bacon, Cheese & Macadamia Stuffing

Stuffed Crumbed Chicken Recipe

Crumbed chicken dishes are among my favourite and this one tops the list. They are simple to prepare and is a fantastic make ahead meal to pop into the fridge to bake at dinner time.  It not only is a great weeknight meal, it also doubles as a special meal for a dinner party. Don’t stress about completely sealing in the stuffing as during cooking, it doesn’t leak out too much.  You can’t go wrong with this recipe as it will taste great … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner: Egg in The Basket

Bread Shapes for the lunch box

It was one of those nights when I had very little ingredients to work so I threw together egg in the basket and the kids loved it! The great thing about this one, is I used the left over bread shapes for the lunch box the next day, and I'll show you how. Egg in the Basket This is how I make egg in the basket Ingredients Bread - I used wholemeal bread (2 pieces per serving) Egg (1 per serving) Grated cheese (1 cup is plenty to make … [Read more...]