Egg Carton Chicken (filled with chocolate eggs)

Egg Carton Chicky - materials you need

Today, Bec, mum of 3, is sharing a cute Easter gift idea to make with kids using a recycled egg carton. Materials Egg carton Paint (or you can use texta) Stapler Felt scraps (if you don’t have felt scraps, you can use cardboard) Craft glue Permanent Marker Solid eggs (to fill) What to do 1. […]

Easter Craft: Decorate Eggs With Permanent Marker

Decorate Eggs with Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker I sometimes decorate hard boiled eggs with faces for the children’s lunch box. Around Easter, it’s fun to decorate eggs as an activity by using permanent markers or even regular textas.  It’s easy and relative mess free. Materials Permanent Marker or crayons Boiled eggs Instructions 1. Decorate the egg however you like! –> […]

Easter Craft: Hatched Egg Chicky (template)

Easter Craft: cracked egg template

A cute Easter paper craft my girls enjoyed making. Love, love their designs! Materials Paddle Pop Stick Craft glue Hatched Egg Template Light cardboard or paper (optional: laminate for added strength) Drawing materials {Download PDF} Instructions 1. Print the template. 2. Colour in. (I laminated the designs…but I’ve done this activity before with just paper […]

Decorating Eggs: With a Temporary Tattoo

Easter: Decorating eggs - use a temporary tattoo

I did this with my children last year and they loved it! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Easter is a little while away, but I wanted to share this idea now because it’s an easy way to decorate eggs around Easter time (or any time really) and the end result is fan-tastic!  I usually look out for […]

Easter Chicky Jars

Easter Craft -- Chicky Jars

I’m into easy, I’m into quick, and this Easter activity satisfies both of these requirements.  I made cute mini Chicky Jars to gift to my children this Easter. The good thing about them, is they look cute…AND they are small, so the amount of chocolate is portioned nicely. My children are at the age now […]

Easter Craft: Lollipop Bunnies

easter lollipop bunny

Guest Post from Kristie Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make cute Bunny Lollipops, perfect for Easter craft. What you need Lollipops (sphere shape) Foam Eggs Balls (bags available from discount stores or craft shops) Double-sided Tape Pom Poms (For tail) Pipe Cleaner (Cut each into 3 […]

Easter Egg Foil Collage

easter egg foil collage

Quick tip: save the foil from chocolate Easter Eggs and incorporate into a collage, drawing or a tree butterfly feature. More Drawing Post Ideas Decorate a rock with pencil Draw on a piece of wood Make your own paper dolls More Easter Posts Easter Craft and Activities

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt


A glow in the dark Easter egg hunt: How brilliant is that!? I saw the idea here and it looked easy to organise, so tonight we did a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt Road test. SO. MUCH. FUN! Materials Plastic Easter Eggs Glow bangles Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt I gave […]

Easter Craft: Egg Carton Chicky

Easter Craft: Egg Carton Easter Egg Chicky

This Easter Egg Carton Chicky is easy and cheap to make, relatively mess free and so cute! Materials Egg Carton Yellow, Orange and Black Texter Scissors Feather Instructions You can find the instruction on this video, presented by my daughter, Flossie (no that is not her real name).   1. Cut around one egg space […]

Easter Crafts, Food & Activities

easter egg chocolate centrepiece

Here are six Easter Crafts you and your children may enjoy this week.  1. Easter Story I’m telling my children the Easter story in 12 parts in the lead up to Easter.  My kids love opening our homemade eggs everyday and reading the daily story in the Easter Advent Calendar printout. {Easter Advent Calendar} 2. Easter Egg Wand […]

Easter Advent Calendar

Easter Advent Calendar

This Easter, our family is doing an Easter Advent Calendar to the lead up to Easter Sunday, similar to the one we did at Christmas.   The idea of the Easter Advent Calendar is to tell the story of Easter in a tangible way. It’s also a fun way to get kids involved in the lead-up to […]

Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas

easter bonnets

Feather Hat Materials: A3 Cardboard Feathers Ribbon Glue Stapler Curl a piece of cardboard into a cone shape the size of your child’s head. Staple a piece of ribbon to either side of the hat. Using a glue stick or craft glue, attach feathers to cover the hat. Flower Hat Materials: 20cm metal ring (you […]

Easter Egg Craft : New Life

easter craft pic

New Life Around Easter time, Jesus’ death and resurrection is especially remembered and the symbol of the egg represents new life. This cracked egg craft is easy and fun. Materials required Paddle pop sticks New Life Egg Template (click here, New Life Egg Template, for printable template) Sticky tape Drawing materials Feathers (optional) Instructions 1. Print […]