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We love exploring as much as we can as a family.  Australia is a vast and beautiful country, and there's so much natural wonder in our backyard.  On our many adventures, my kids enjoy collecting little bits and bobs along the way, from bottle caps for a Bottle Cap Game they made up to pretty fallen leaves.  On our last trip up the D'Aguilar Ranges, we saw a beautiful (AND HUGE!) snake on the road. There's a video here. At … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Using Decorative Tape Around the House

ways to use decorative tape - 3M Scotch Expressions - on

Sponsored by 3M (s1 post) Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape I love this stuff because I can make regular and recycled items around the house look awesome, colourful and funky. Oh, and there’s the kids too: as my children get older, I need to cater for their own projects (rather than being a facilitator and instigator) and they love the tape too! I’ve been going berserk with the tape around the house, from … [Read more...]

Decorative Tape Cupcake Flag Toppers

Cupcake Flag Toppers Make these cute cupcake toppers in a jiffy. Toothpicks, tape and scissors is all there is to it!  This is a great way to tie in cupcakes treats into the theme of the party. For an easy cupcake recipe, click here: Easy Cupcake Recipe. Materials Toothpick Decorative Tape (I used Scotch® Expressions Tape) Instructions 1. Take a small piece of tape fold around the top section of the toothpick. 2. Trim tape … [Read more...]