Snowman Tic Tacs

December 7, 2013

These cute snow packs can be whipped up in a jiffy. Fun for stocking fillers, gifts or table decorations. Materials Tic Tacs Sticky Labels (I found Avery 64 x 34 mm labels to be the perfect size) Let it snow (PDF)    or    Let it snow (Word File) 1. Create labels using clip art [...]

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A Glue Blob Monster

August 24, 2011
glue craft

Ever found a blob of craft glue that has leaked from the bottle? Kids think it’s so cool. With that in mind, the children and I made Glue Blob Monsters. This is a fun activity for children partiucularly aged 6-9. Boys may enjoy this craft too because of the glue factor. Materials Clear craft glue [...]

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What Other Fun Mums Are Doing

October 29, 2010

Welcome to a new section here at Be A Fun Mum where I’ll be showcasing the fun things YOU are doing with your kids.  If you would like to be featured in the next one, read the submissions guidelines.  1. We Did a Post IDEA! FunMum Erin read this post: Pink Lemonade and Pink Pasta Please, and made some [...]

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Christmas Craft: Plastic Cup Christmas Tree

October 22, 2010

Christmas Tree Cup It’s a joyous thing to watch my children open presents.  Children love receiving gifts don’t they? They love giving presents too.  My children are excited to give gifts to friends and teachers, and to those who have very little this holiday season.  Last week, I featured the Christmas Plastic Cup Reindeer Craft to [...]

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A Fairy’s Home or a Pirate’s Trap: Mobile Craft

October 5, 2010

It’s such a beautiful sound. Listen.                   Isn’t it pretty? A Fairy’s Home or a Pirate’s Trap Mobile Making Instructions Materials: Stick, fishing line, spoons and other tinkly things from a thrift shop. 1. We found a heap of spoons and other tinkly things at a second hand shop. 2. It was interesting to see how my [...]

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Panadol & Nurofen = 3D City Skyline Craft

August 18, 2010

I’ve found something positive about headaches. Empty medicine boxes make for this cool 3D City Skyline Craft.  I was inspired by the Love and Lollipops Blog. Materials Empty medication boxes of varying sizes Box or canvas for base Glue Paint & Paint Brushes Instructions Paint the backdrop as per the diagram below (or anyway your child likes) Glue the boxes above [...]

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