Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

handmade christmas gift ideas

Every year I have good intentions to make some of my Christmas presents to keep the costs down. And then December hits like bird poo on a windscreen and I get overwhelmed and just head to the shops to buy my gifts. This year I was PREPARED. In November, I got researching and thinking about […]

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids You Can Post

interstate gifts for kids

We have two nieces that live interstate that I have to buy Christmas presents for each year. It can be a lot of fun buying gifts for kids, other than your own, but I’m often mindful of the postage costs because depending on how bulky the present is, it can cost as much as the […]

3 Easy Christmas Biscuit Ideas

Christmas biscuit ideas

This week is the last week of school for my eldest daughter and on Wednesday I have to take a plate to share for the end of school party break up. I love baking a storm this time of year, but to be honest, it’s been so hot this week in Brisbane, I haven’t wanted to […]

Pom Pom Christmas Gift Cards

christmas pom pom gift cards

Every year I say I will get my girls to make Christmas cards and then we get to December and I buy a packet of cards because it’s just easier! There are times when a simple Christmas gift card is needed (and sometimes much preferred) to adorn a gift. With pom poms being a popular […]

5 Easy Ways to Disguise Christmas Gifts


Sponsored by Nuffnang and Australia Post There’s the shake test, the size-it-up test and the squish test. Keeping gifts a surprise is part of the fun, especially if you keep loved ones guessing up to the very last second! This Christmas, Australia Post is ensuring the gifts you buy online stay a surprise with their […]

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations

How to make salt dough Christmas Decorations

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations The shops are full of Christmas decorations from about October each year but they are often generic – round shiny balls in different colours. As beautiful and cheap as they are, this year I was looking for something a little more original for our Christmas tree. Salt dough is a great […]

Pine Cones & A Lego Helicopter

collecting pine cones

I didn’t realise he had bought his latest Lego creation with him.  If I had, I most likely would have told him to leave it at home.  Our mission this particular morning, was to collect pine cones for a few projects I had planned.  I love doing this sort of thing with my kids; 10 […]

Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar

christmas table centrepiece -- lights in a jar

This table centrepiece is easy to throw together. Materials LED battery operated lights Large cookie jar (or a vase works well too) Baubles or other decoration I placed decoration and lights inside the jar (leaving the battery part up the top for ease of turning off). Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar Concept: sparkly lights add […]

Christmas Doughnut Wreath

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath - beafunmum.com

Christmas fun food: it’s something I struggle with because I’m not really into sweet food.  I remember one year attempting a Gingerbread house and it was a disaster.  I laugh now but it was so stressful at the time and I vowed NEVER AGAIN to attempt such a creation. Charli and Ashlee from Charli’s Crafty […]

Table Decoration Stick Christmas Tree

Stick Christmas Tree -- Christmas Table Inspiration beafunmum.com

I love bringing nature into the house so that makes this Stick Christmas Tree one of my favourites. It’s easy and cheap to put together and you can mix and match colours to suit any theme. Theme I went for a natural look here using brown and cream with gold and glass-look-a-like highlights. Materials Small […]

Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas


I enlisted the help of Charli’s Crafty Kitchen for some crafty food ideas, and below you’ll find a fabulous tutorial on how to make adorable Christmas Tree Pinatas. Place in clear wrap, add a ribbon and you have a cute homemade gift or make a few of these trees for a fabulous (and edible) table centrepiece. […]

Temporary Christmas Snow Globes

table centrepiece -- snow domes

It’s Christmas Week on the Blog! I’m going a bit wild with Christmas Table decorations at the moment.   I like variety in the home, and with the table decorations, I can mix it up every couple of days.  We’ve did the White Christmas in a Jar, and candles in jars, and now it’s time […]

Christmas Craft

have yourself a Merry little Christmas

To view the entire range of Christmas craft tutorials on this blog, check out this page: Christmas Crafts. I contributed five crafts you can make this Christmas to the KleenexMumsFREE  Christmas ebook.    For the tutorials, click the picture or read this post: KleenexMums Guide to Christmas Giving.  The Christmas theme this year for our family is […]