White Christmas in a Jar

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It's Christmas Week on the Blog! A White Christmas is something I dream of experiencing, maybe one day, with my children.  You know -- the sleigh bells, and chestnuts on an open fire -- that kind of thing.  This year, I'm bringing a little of the dream into our Christmas in the form of table decorations. A White Christmas in a Jar is easy and cheap, oh, and it does look magical.  If you put your eyes close to the jars, and just look for a … [Read more...]

Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas Tree in a Jar

Christmas Tree in a Jar! It's an adorable, and very easy craft to make. It can be used as a decoration, keepsake or given as a gift to friends and teachers. We have a surplus of pine cones at the moment, so the kids and I are exploring all sorts of ways to use them. This is the cutest idea yet! Materials: Pine Cone Empty Jar (I purchased the one shown from Crazy Clarks for $2.95) Rocks/pebbles/cotton wool balls/grass/mini presents (or … [Read more...]