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Christmas Pudding Balls (A recipe to do with kids & it tastes too good to be true!)

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I am certainly seeing all the retail tell-tale signs too.  The Christmas season brings with it more than just one day of festive eating, sometimes it feels like it lasts a month!  Here is a recipe to engage your children in (okay it’s reasonably quick so don’t plan a whole day around it) but it is at least a task that provides motor planning opportunities and gives them a sense of pride at the finished results.

The good news is these Christmas Pudding Balls are relatively healthy and ticks some boxes for those seeking allergen friendly Christmas recipes.  The recipe is dairy, egg and gluten free but NOT nut free.

A helpful hint for involving the children is to have them at a level they can comfortably see and perform tasks like measuring ingredients into cups, rolling ball shapes and coating the balls in coconut.  Also, if you have more than one child helping, consider setting up a rolling and coating stations;  a production line is a great way to include everyone.  We put the mixture between 2 children and then they each had their own coconut bowl and plate to place their finished products on.


1 cup dates (pitted)

1/3 cup of coconut oil (melted – a quick 15-20 sec zap in the microwave will do)

½ cup pecans

½ cup mixed dried fruit

¼ cup cocoa powder

½ cup desiccated coconut (plus extra to roll the balls in at the end)

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp all spice


(Where you see an A – it is an adult step and K – is a kids step)

Step One

A – Soak the 1 cup of dates in hot water for 15 minutes and melt the coconut oil.

K – Measure out the pecans, mixed dried fruit, cocoa powder and desiccated coconut into the food processor bowl.

Step Two

A – Add the soaked dates and coconut oil to the food processor bowl with the vanilla extract and all spice.  Whizz until all really well blended.

Step Three

A – Set up the rolling and coating station. If leaving the mixture in the food processor, remove the blades before letting the kids at it OR use a new bowl.  Show an example of rolling the mixture into a ball and coating it with coconut.

K – Your turn to be santa’s little helpers!  When you have rolled out your balls put them into the fridge to set for 2 hours.

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This mix should make between 30 and 40 balls (depending how much of the mix the kids eat!)  The set pudding balls can then be moved to an airtight container for storage for up to 5 days.

Remember – the motor planning for rolling the balls and coating them will improve with practice and dexterity.  Even if the balls aren’t consistent shapes, they are made with love!

About the Writer

Simone is a regular columnist at Mum’s Lounge – a leading website for Australian mums

Simone Emery is a mum and owner of Sydney based, Play with Food.  Play with Food run fun-filled classes and workshops about fruit and vegetables. We use seasonal produce and give parents lots of ideas for encouraging happy and healthy eating in the home environment. Check out our website for more information on singing, playing and laughing your way to happier family eating experiences


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Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

I enlisted the help of Charli’s Crafty Kitchen for some crafty food ideas, and below you’ll find a fabulous tutorial on how to make adorable Christmas Tree Pinatas. Place in clear wrap, add a ribbon and you have a cute homemade gift or make a few of these trees for a fabulous (and edible) table centrepiece.

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas


Melted white chocolate

Ice-cream cones or flat-top waffle cones, or mini ice cream cones (we used standard ice-cream cones)

Mini M&M’s

Reeces Mini Peanut butter cups (in Australia these are available at lolly shops)

Green sprinkles (we got ours from the monster sprinkle mix at Woolworths, also look at cake shops or on eBay for them)

Jellybeans (or other small candy)

Cookies that will cover the base of the cone.  Slight overlap is better than too small (we used Arnotts tic-tocs) I would not advise using filled cookies as the base can come loose

A teaspoon to distribute white chocolate

Baking paper/parchment paper/wax paper

Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas (tutorial by Ashlee – 4)

Step 1

Fill the cone with jellybeans

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 2

Spread white chocolate around the top edge of the cone, being careful not to get any on the jellybeans as much as possible.

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 3

Press cookie on as a lid and wait for the chocolate to set (approx 5 minutes).

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 4

Cover the entire cone with white chocolate.  This is easier if you dip the base and hold it by the tip, spreading the chocolate upwards. Once the bottom is covered, place it on the baking paper and spoon chocolate over the top until it is covered.

Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 5

Get a pinch of sprinkles and start sprinkling them over the cone evenly before the chocolate sets.

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 6

While the chocolate is still wet, place mini M&M’s randomly over the entire cone.  If chocolate sets, use a toothpick to apply a little white chocolate to glue on the M&M’s.  Allow the chocolate to set for a further 10 minutes. (you can place it in the fridge to speed it up).

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

Step 7

Put some white chocolate on the top of the mini peanut butter cup and glue it to the base of your tree, making sure it is roughly in the middle.  Before the chocolate sets, make sure your tree can stand up and move it a little if needed.

Christmas Food Ideas - kids Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas

About our Channel

Charli’s Crafty Kitchen began in Sept 2012 when Charli was 6 years old and Ashlee was 3.   Charli, now 7  (& sometimes 4-year-old Ashlee too!) will teach you how to make some great party foods that are simple and cute. There are tutorials for every occasion! Cake pops, cupcake toppers, party favours, cake decorating and easy no bake recipes. We now upload once a week so hit the subscribe button to get our latest videos!  The girls have been recently featured in The Courier Mail and New Idea Magazine and The Today Show due to their YouTube success.


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Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts

Guest Post from Kristie

Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make candy cane chocolate hearts.

christmas food -- candy cane chocolate hearts


Packet of mini candy cane

Chocolate melts (white or milk)

Small plastic gift bags



christmas food -- candy cane chocolate hearts

  1. Line ray with baking paper
  2. Melt chocolate
  3. Arrange 2 candy canes on the baking paper to make a heart shape
  4. Pour chocolate inside the heart shape to hold it together
  5. Place tray in refrigerator
  6. Once set, place candy cane hearts in a gift bag and finish off with a ribbon

christmas food candy cane chocolate hearts

Use for

  • Gift for friends
  • Gift for teachers
  • Christmas platter
  • On top of a present
  • Christmas decoration

christmas food candy cane chocolate hearts


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Preparing for Christmas Plus Win $100 From Westfield

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Anticipation. When I was a little girl, I remember what I felt the night before Christmas. It was an almost unbearable feeling of excitement for morning to come. Now that I’m grown, that same excitement is channelled into giving my own children the same experience. To me, having the best Christmas ever lies in the build-up to Christmas Day.


Here’s how our family plans for Christmas:

1. Early October: Organise photo cards

Personalised photo cards are a wonderful way to make your Christmas greeting unique. Ordering photo cards is simple: choose a favourite photo, pick a template and the rest is done for you!

2. Late October: Christmas Traditions – Making Christmas Pudding

This is a family tradition in our family, going back to our German roots. The pudding needs a few months to rest so we do it in October. Seeing the pudding hanging in our home is another reminder of the special day yet to come.

3. Early November: Put up the Christmas Tree

Our family sets the Christmas tree up early so we can enjoy it for a long period. On a weekend in November, we turn the Christmas music on and decorate the tree. I love to watch my children’s faces light up as the tree does. Here’s a tip: if you have young children, place a fireplace screen around the tree so you don’t end up with decorations over the floor.

4. Late November: Presents — Westfield Gift Finder

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5. December: Food and Table Preparation

Westfield has put together helpful preparation guide to help you get organised for Christmas. There’s a free planning guide, toy and fashion advice and food and table preparation tips. I need most help in the kitchen department so with help from the likes of Kate Poulter and Donna Hay; I might be able to get a decent meal on the table! See how The Best Christmas Ever planning page can help you be organised this Christmas.

Creating a wonderful Christmas is about the magic that brings family and friends together.  With a little forward planning, the stress of organising Christmas can be turned into a time of anticipation and wonder.


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External Links

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Competition Terms and Conditions Page