Candy Cane Bead Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Crafts - Easy Bead Candy Cane Tree Decoration

This is a super simple tree decoration that looks adorable hanging on the Christmas Tree or around the house. Materials Pipe Cleaner Beads Twine Method 1. Thread 1 bead on to a pipe cleaner, leaving just a little at the base to bend around the first bead to secure it. 2. Thread beads in a […]

DIY Clay Nativity Scene

Christmas Crafts - DIY Nativity Scene

Christmas is still a few months away but it’s closing in fast!  This is a gorgeously simple Christmas craft activity to keep in mind when you come to decorate the house for the festive season in the up coming months. A nativity scene captures the essence of Christmas, and reminds us of the real reason for […]

DIY Christmas Cracker

How to make a Christmas Cracker

Q: What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A: A Christmas quacker! Christmas crackers (or bon bons) are well known for their corny jokes, paper crowns and novelty gifts, but Christmas wouldn’t be complete without them. Adored by children since the mid-1800s, Christmas crackers add fun to any Christmas party, and […]

Christmas Craft: Pasta Angel Decoration

Christmas Crafts - Christmas Pasta Angels

Christmas Pasta Angels Putting up the Christmas tree and donning it in sparkly decorations is a treasured Christmas tradition for most families. Kids love making their own decorations and hanging them on the tree in a random fashion. Are you one of those mums that perfects the Christmas tree after the little ones have gone […]

Snowman Tic Tacs

school holiday pack - christmas gift

These cute snow packs can be whipped up in a jiffy. Fun for stocking fillers, gifts or table decorations. Materials Tic Tacs Sticky Labels (I found Avery 64 x 34 mm labels to be the perfect size) Let it snow (PDF)    or    Let it snow (Word File) 1. Create labels using clip art […]

Christmas Doughnut Wreath

Christmas Food Ideas - Doughnut Wreath -

Christmas fun food: it’s something I struggle with because I’m not really into sweet food.  I remember one year attempting a Gingerbread house and it was a disaster.  I laugh now but it was so stressful at the time and I vowed NEVER AGAIN to attempt such a creation. Charli and Ashlee from Charli’s Crafty […]

Easy Christmas Tree Ornament – The Bottle Top Snowman

bottle lid snowman -- Christmas Decoration

Guest Post from Bec from SmartyArty Easy Christmas Tree Ornament – the Bottle Top Snowman This is so simple and fun to do. What I really like about it is that it’s made out of items that are most likely to be found around your house, so you don’t need to make a special trip […]

Surprise Christmas Tree Pinatas


I enlisted the help of Charli’s Crafty Kitchen for some crafty food ideas, and below you’ll find a fabulous tutorial on how to make adorable Christmas Tree Pinatas. Place in clear wrap, add a ribbon and you have a cute homemade gift or make a few of these trees for a fabulous (and edible) table centrepiece. […]

Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

ribbon christmas tree decoration

Hey, hey! November is here, and it becomes less weird to do Christmas stuff, yes?  Well, I made a few adorable Christmas tree decorations using ribbon this week, to start off the festive season.  The idea was inspired by a sewing extraordinaire who blogs about many of her projects, but there were no instructions on […]

Cute Candy Cane Reindeer Antler Craft

Christmas craft -- candy cane reindeer antler

Cute, and so easy: this reindeer craft is a fun gift to make for friends. What you need 2 x Candy Canes Sticky tape Brown string or wool (about a metre) 2 x google eyes Red jewel nose (or hole punch red cardboard) Craft glue Instructions 1.  Tape the two candy canes together with sticky […]

Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts

christmas food -- candy cane chocolate hearts

Guest Post from Kristie Kristie is a mum who loves making treats and she is sharing how to make candy cane chocolate hearts. Materials Packet of mini candy cane Chocolate melts (white or milk) Small plastic gift bags Ribbon Instructions Line ray with baking paper Melt chocolate Arrange 2 candy canes on the baking paper […]

Paper Candle

Christmas Craft: paper candle toilet roll

This is another awesome craft inspired by my daughter’s prep class. Materials CD Disc Craft Glue Tinsel Toilet roll Red paper Yellow cellophane Stickers, sequence to decorate  Instructions 1. Make a cut down the side of the toilet roll. 2. Roll the roll together to achieve the desired width of the candle. Leave a space […]

Mini Terracotta Pot Bell

christmas craft mini terracotta pot bell

This is a handmade decoration to keep from year to year. The terracotta pot bell Christmas Tree decoration looks great and is a functional bell too. Materials Mini Terracotta Pot Ribbon Bell decoration (you can pick up a packet of these bells at a craft or discount shop) Bead (with a wide centre hole) Paint […]

Plastic Cup Bell

christmas craft -- plastic cup bell

This Plastic Cup bell is a simple, quick and fuss free craft to make. It makes a fun sound too! Materials Plastic cup Bell (you can buy a packet of these bells with string for a couple of dollars at a discount shop) Stickers Ribbon Tape Instructions 1. Using scissors, punch a hole in the […]