Sorting and Organising Toys

Sorting & Organising Toys

I sort and reorganise the children’s toys about twice a year, usually after Christmas, and then half way through the year. I’ve just re-done it this last weekend before school goes back for the new term. Below is the step-by-step process I go through:

1. Pull Everything Out

When I’m in the process going through the toys, I remind myself that it gets (much) worse before it gets better. I’m ruthless and pull EVERYTHING out.

organising toys

2. Sort                  

After pulling the toys out, I sort them into groups and the kids help me with this.  I always feel grateful that my children have so many toy options to play with when I see how many toys they have. There are particular toy items that I have found to be a winner for play and I’ve mentioned some of those things here: Products I Rave About.

Featured below is most of the toys in our house, besides stuffed toys which are kept in the bedrooms.

organising toys

3. Store/Give

  • Prioritise toys most played with.
  • Give away items the children don’t need or use.
  • Store some toys and rotate to keep things fresh. I stored toys (like the Little People toys) in a box on wheels in the garage.

4. Solve

I use the opportunity when sorting toys to reassess the play space to see if there are better ways to do things.  Last year I did a playroom project with Howards Storage because our systems weren’t working very well and the new system (with the drawers) is fabulous.   After sorting the toys, the kids and I put them back into the respective drawers and this is what it looks like:

playroom makeover

Toy Station

The toys are stored in general category drawers. I find this helps children find what they are looking for and it helps with packing up too. For example, we keep the play dolls in one, the doll clothes in another; the match box cars and other vehicles, plastic figurines, wooden blocks all in separate drawers.  These particular drawers are part of the elfa system.

elfa storage system -- organising toys

elfa storage system -- organising toys


The children produce a lot of artwork, and the fridge isn’t big enough!  I think this is my favourite part of the room, because I love seeing the children’s masterpieces on the walls.  To hang the artwork, I used three Command Hooks and skirt hangers so I can display and change artwork as the children do it and it gives this space a special and varied feel. There are heaps more ideas how to store children’s artwork here.

organising toys -- artwork

displaying children artwork



My children draw most days, and I keep the drawing supplies readily available in a mini bucket turntable. When the kids want to draw, they can grab a bucket, find a comfortable place, and go for it.  Other craft supplies are stored on the bench top in navy & red striped totes.

organising toys

art caddy -- organising toys


The Lego is kept in Lego storage bricks at the moment (they look really cute and add that splash of colour to the play room).  It’s working for now, but as our Lego collection grows (and grow it does) I will most probably move to a dedicated colour-coded drawers

organising toys -- legoPlay

I find the kids play with new vigour after we reorganise the toys and I enjoy watching and listening to their play.

Organising Toys

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organising toys

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Organizing Toys

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pinterest organising toys / organizing toys


How do you organise toys in your home?

This is the view from my kitchen. It makes me happy and I enjoy having the children play so close to the central hub of the house.

playroom makeover


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