Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids You Can Post

interstate gifts for kids

We have two nieces that live interstate that I have to buy Christmas presents for each year. It can be a lot of fun buying gifts for kids, other than your own, but I’m often mindful of the postage costs because depending on how bulky the present is, it can cost as much as the […]

Mum & Daughter Pom Pom Tees Craft

pom pom tees

I’ve become a little obsessed with pom poms and tassels. I love seeing them on baskets, shoes, earrings and even on clothing. My girls are fond of crafting with pom poms, so this easy activity was one that my three year old loved doing. It got her creativity flowing and was something we could do […]

Paddle Pop Stick Mini Me Craft

Paddle Pop Stick Person Craft

Whenever I come up with a craft for my girls to do, it is usually inspired by what I have on hand in the craft box. Our craft box has an array of felts, paddle pop sticks, cupcake liners, pipe cleaners and beads. I keep all of the kid’s craft supplies in a tub, on […]

Three Play Ideas for Plastic Balls

three play activities for plastic balls

When my eldest daughter turned one and I was organizing her first Birthday party, I headed to Kmart to buy a $12 inflatable ball pit. When the pit was blown up (it was like a mini paddling pool), and the accompanying balls were emptied into the pit, I knew I needed to get more balls. […]

Coffee Pod Penguin

coffee pod penguin craft

If you have a collection of coffee pods that you’ve been looking to upcycle, why not make some coffee pod creatures! The little cups make them easy for little hands to handle and the coffee pods look so cute when done up as an animal. Today I’m going to show how we made a coffee […]

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Ring

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

Pipe cleaners are a great craft material for little kids to mould and bend into shape. My girls love these pipe cleaner butterfly rings, and best of all they are very quick to make. These butterfly rings are great for: Imaginary Play Party Favours Party Craft Activity Dress Ups Just for fun School holiday activity […]

Take it Outside

take it outside

Sometimes, giving a fresh look to familiar toys is as easy as taking it outside and adding some water. Mixing it up a little makes it exciting. This might just be the shortest post I’ve done yet! Just saying. Other Ways to Mix it Up Paper Photo Dolls Brown Paper Treasure Map Lipstick Drawing Wood […]

The (not so serious) Serious Word


Captain Von Trapp from Sound of Music was on to something when he used a whistle to give instructions to his children.  Gathering my children together to go somewhere can take me a good part of 10 minutes, and sometimes longer!  So I use a special word to call the kids. It’s kind of a game but it works […]

Words As Concepts

Words as Concepts

It wasn’t exactly intentional, but over time, I noticed my use of certain words to describe concepts with the children. It’s interesting to see how the repetitive use of these words/concepts have come full circle and now the kids encourage me with the same. I say things like: “use your imagination” “find something creative to […]

Make a Clothes Person

Life-size dress up otherwise know as snowman without the snow

My children constantly amaze me.  I came into my 4-year-old’s room and found her working on this life-size snowman (without the snow). She used a mask from the dress up box for the face.  A scarf from Mummy’s draw for the hair.  Her own clothes for the body and socks for the feet.  There is even a […]

Nature Hunt

nature hunt

Chatting over a coffee without interruptions is a thing of the past for mothers with young children.  Does that mean ‘doing coffee’ stops? Of course not!  My sister and I often meet at a park with take-away coffee.  We keep our children busy doing a nature hunt, gathering and bringing back bits and pieces they’ve found around us.  It keeps their hands and […]

I Have Three Crushes

crushes crush free clip art

No, I’m not talking about me. Although, David Tennant’s Scottish accent is pretty cute.  Ahem, but seriously, I’m recalling a conversation I had with my then seven-year-old daughter. I remember it clearly because it was a triumph moment for me as a mother. Flossie: Mum, I have three crushes. Now, just imagine me.  I’m driving the car. At these words, my […]