Camping Gear (what makes it easy for us to get away)

The joys of camping

I've always had a deep love for nature but rewind 15 years, and I wouldn't have necessarily called myself a huge outdoorsy type. Similar story with my husband: although he enjoys a lot of things that come with an outdoor lifestyle, he's not one of those incredibly handy sort of people (like my Dad) that has the ability to make setting up a tent look effortless.  So it's interesting how we've discovered the camping path together, and how … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Gramping Fun (part 1)

packing for gramping

Sponsored by Aerogard, Mortein and Nuffnang  “The family who camps together, stays together” the saying goes.  As a family of seasoned campers, I get the sentiment behind the words: camping provides many quiet bonding moments, challenging times that turn into great stories, and magical experiences in the wonders of nature. When my husband and I became parents, we knew we wanted to be a family who camps.   As our family grew, … [Read more...]

The Car Box


A Car Box that lives in the boot.  So we can get out and about as a family and enjoy amazing adventures at whim. Possible items to include: The Car Box Sturdy box, basket, soft-sided box or sturdy bag: to store everything Batteries: a few different sizes is a good idea Trailer tarp: for picnic rug, a slip and slide etc. Wipes: great for sticky fingers and other messes Bin Liners/Plastic Bags (I fold my plastic bags so they are … [Read more...]