DIY (no sew) Ribbon Barbie Doll Skirt

DIY Barbie Clothes

I love the concept of DIY. Some people are freakishly good at it - I'm not really one of them. However, I really like the idea of making stuff yourself because there's a lot of satisfaction and beauty in working with your hands.  I make more stuff than ever, and I want to instil this type of thinking in my kids too.  And you know what? The kids often do DIY in their play, without even thinking about it.   We've made Organza Bag … [Read more...]

DIY (No Sew!) Barbie/Doll Clothes

make barbie doll clothes

I had to google who wrote the words "necessity is the mother of invention".  It was Plato.  And so I come to this post.  This post started on the last week of the school holidays when I hired out the latest TinkerBell movie on DVD (Secret of the Wings) for the children to watch on a lazy day.  As is usual at our place, the children were inspired by the movie and it filtered into their play.  Out came the fairy dolls and … [Read more...]