Imaginative Play: Paver Roads

Imaginative Play - Paver Roads

A few years ago, I put together a rock play garden for my son.  I found cheap pavers and we decorated them and used them as a garden border.  I noticed the kids often used the pavers in little backyard games they made up, and I made a note to buy more (they are really cheap!).   We don't have room for a sandpit but my son, especially, loves the sand and he often comes home from school with shoes full of it! We created a … [Read more...]

8 Awesome Things about Turf

what turf loves tips for turf

Meet Mr Turf 1. Turf Loves Cooling  The temperature on a green lawn in mid summer is, 10oC less than bare soil, 20oC less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 40oC less than synthetic turf. 2. Turf Loves Exercise When used in open greenspaces Turf allows for healthy communities and helps tackle health problems such as obesity. 3. Turf Loves Stopping Erosion Turf also filters runoff water and traps pollutants before they get to … [Read more...]