Welcome! I’ve put this page together for PR Agents, companies, brands and individuals who are keen to work with me and tap into the Be A Fun Mum readership.

PR Agents

I enjoy working with PR agents, and together we’ve put together brilliant posts.  I’m primarily looking for content for this blog; however I do run giveaways and write review sometimes. I don’t charge for reviews or giveaways, nor do I have a minimum value amount for giveaways. That said, relevance of the product to my readers, value of giveaway and interest in the pitch does play a part in my decision.


I’m interested in a vast array of subjects and products.  Listed below are a few particular areas I’m passionate about. However, I am very open minded when it comes to content for my readers and so am in no way limited to these. I’ve written about turf, dolls, air freshener, toothbrushes, hair dye, DVDs, movies, books, blogger events, technology, pasta, road safety, jewellery and many other subjects you can browse here: Reviews and Giveaways.

Passionate about

  • Travel
  • Vintage
  • Quality Toys
  • Shoes
  • Handmade and fair trade
  • Beauty products
  • Jewellery
  • WAHMs


What I look to feature in products, is value and personal connection. I also believe in the power of storytelling and how this can play a part in marrying products with people. I take my own photos, videos and use my social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to feature posts. I also follow up on any questions posed on the posts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and answer email enquires relating to a product many months after it has gone live. Basically, if the post is on my blog, I care for it.

Contact & More Info

For more information on how I value the PR Agent and Blogger relationship, please read this post:

PR Agents and Bloggers: It’s a Friendship, not a Marriage

Find my contact details here: contact me.

Please note: I receive many emails in my inbox, and I am not able to reply every one.


I do offer banner advertising on my blog. Banner size is 150 px wide by 150 px high.  There is only limited spaces available, so please express your interest via email by contacting me.


I run a monthly newsletter for Be A Fun Mum.  There are no advertising opportunities in the newsletter but I do provide a dedicated spot for one review per edition.  This is a fantastic way to showcase your product or service in an exclusive capacity.  Please express your interest in featuring in the newsletter by contacting me.  Please type ‘Newsletter’ in the subject line.

You can view previous newsletter below:

November 2011

December 2011

January 2012


Do you have a media kit?

In many ways, this page acts as my media kit.  However, I do have stat details available on request.

Do you charge for giveaways?


Do you have a minimum value amount for giveaways?

No. I’m very open-minded when it comes to products and services.  Although, the value amount and relevance of the product or service will play a part in my decision.

Do you do reviews?

I don’t do many straight reviews (that is: without a giveaway). However, if I’m enamoured with the product and the pitch is good, you might just win me over. I offer reviews in my newsletter. See the Newsletter section above.

Do you charge for blog post reviews?

No. I want the small amount of reviews on this blog to be unbiased and free of charge. I do charge for a dedicated review spot on the newsletter.

Do you do sponsored posts?

I occasionally do sponsored posts for Nuffnang. I don’t offer direct sponsored posts on my blog.

Do you only accept pitches through PR Agents?

No. I’m happy to hear from absolutely anyone who is passionate their product/service and what they do. I enjoy talking directly to companies or individuals who are interesting in working with me.

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I’m happy (in fact, I love) to travel if associated travel costs are compensated.  You can visit my Where I’ve Been page for some of the places I’ve visited.

How many people work on Be A Fun Mum?

99% of this blog is written by me, Kelly. I do have regular columnists and accept guest posts from time to time.

Do you give out your STATS?

Absolutely. Just email me and I’ll provide my current vital statistics like page views and unique visitors.

Do you run media releases?

No. All content on this blog is absolutely unique. However, I read every email I receive in my inbox and will follow up on a well written media releases if there is an opening space on my blog, the product/service suits my  readership and there is an opportunity to turn the media release into unique content.

Can I add you to our email mailing list?

Sure. I read every email that comes into my inbox, even if it’s not particularly addressed to me. I will follow up on emails that grab me.  I am not able to reply to every email but I don’t mind receiving general emails in my inbox.

If I haven’t heard from you, does that mean you’re not interested?

I like the idea of running this blog in a professional manner; however my first and foremost job is being mother to my four children and wife to my husband. If I haven’t responded to your email, please feel free to follow me up again. I will always try and respond but if I don’t, things are probably busy around home and on the blog. This doesn’t particularly mean I’m not interested in your product/service but it may not be the best time so feel free to pitch again. If something really grabs me, I will usually respond within 3 days.

Can I post you a product to try?

I love trying new things. However, this blog is focused on content and I rarely write reviews.  This said, I use my social media channels to talk about various products and services I use and enjoy.

Do you run banner advertising?

I run a limited amount of banner advertising on the blog. You can read more under the Advertising section above.


If you want to know more about how I structure and run my blog, visit my disclosure policy.

Thanks for visiting!