A Boot Doll House

mouse and son.jpg

How absolutely gorgeous is this Boot Doll House!  Marina (aka Vintage Jane) who lives in England shared this gorgeous project on her blog, and I contacted her because I fell in love with it and wanted to share with you all! This boot house was made for special little boy.   "He wanted a boy’s house.  And so, just before Christmas, Grandma (the Interior Designer) and Grandpa (the Builder) built and decorated a very special … [Read more...]

Cubby Under the Stairs

Under stairs cubby house - convert the space into a cosy area for kids to play

I love hearing about how families create dedicated areas for play. Jess sent me this picture of a cubby she created under the stairs for her two daughters, aged 3 and 2 years old.  If you have an under stairs storage area, Jess shares tips on how she converted this area into a special space for her kids to play. Cubby Under the Stairs Step 1: Clean Out Find a new home for all the hings we stored under there: living in a townhouse the … [Read more...]

Christmas: Start a $2 Jar

The $2 Jar - Start saving for Christmas

I know it's rather ridiculous to be talking about Christmas in -- where are we now in the year -- April.  However, it can be a good time to start a little saving fund for a mini holiday, fun day or splurging at Christmas-time.  There are many ways to do this, for example: by opening a Christmas bank account fund and putting a little away each week.   Another tangible idea is to have a $2 jar.  I've done this myself many … [Read more...]

Camping Gear (what makes it easy for us to get away)

The joys of camping

I've always had a deep love for nature but rewind 15 years, and I wouldn't have necessarily called myself a huge outdoorsy type. Similar story with my husband: although he enjoys a lot of things that come with an outdoor lifestyle, he's not one of those incredibly handy sort of people (like my Dad) that has the ability to make setting up a tent look effortless.  So it's interesting how we've discovered the camping path together, and how … [Read more...]

Funky Tape Floors

tape floors

I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney yesterday with Chelsea from Moments A Day.  My favourite exhibit was Jim Lambie's Zopob Room lined with coloured vinyl tape. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. How fun would it be for a play room?!  Realistically, I wondered how it would hold up with wear. It appeared the tape was covered in varnish and the finish was gorgeous! This room reminded me of the ways I use … [Read more...]

Decorative Tape: Party Ideas


Sponsored by 3M (S1 Post) The new Scotch® Expressions Tape is a brilliant addition to the family stationery stash.  It can be used to decorate a variety of household, stationery and recycled items.  I recently wrote a post about 5 ways I’ve been using the decorative tape around the house.   This time, I’m sharing how the tape can help make a birthday party special. 1. Birthday Photo Frame Dress up a simple … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Using Decorative Tape Around the House

ways to use decorative tape - 3M Scotch Expressions - on beafunmum.com

Sponsored by 3M (s1 post) Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape I love this stuff because I can make regular and recycled items around the house look awesome, colourful and funky. Oh, and there’s the kids too: as my children get older, I need to cater for their own projects (rather than being a facilitator and instigator) and they love the tape too! I’ve been going berserk with the tape around the house, from … [Read more...]

Striving to Set the Year Up Well


I'm striving to set the year up well.  It means I need to invest in the right places and so I haven't been online so much recently. 1. Children's Rooms Helped to clean and reorganised the children's rooms in preparation for the start of the school year. 2. School Lunches Cooked batches of lunchbox food to freeze because (from experience) I know I will find the first month of school overwhelming as we all adjust and so I'm anticipating … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar

christmas table centrepiece -- lights in a jar

This table centrepiece is easy to throw together. Materials LED battery operated lights Large cookie jar (or a vase works well too) Baubles or other decoration I placed decoration and lights inside the jar (leaving the battery part up the top for ease of turning off). Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar Concept: sparkly lights add a touch of magic to any setting Colour theme: gold & brown Everyday items: large jar, bowl or … [Read more...]

Decorative Oranges

decorative fruit orange

Using fruit as decoration pieces is a simple way to create a feature point in the home, especially around special times such as Christmas. Need Oranges Diamond sticker rows (I found these at a discount shop) Decorative Oranges This is easy and quick.  Lay a strip of diamond stickers from the to of the orange to the base and continue this process around the orange (leaving a space of about 5 cm or so between each row).  This gives … [Read more...]

Table Decoration Stick Christmas Tree

Stick Christmas Tree -- Christmas Table Inspiration beafunmum.com

I love bringing nature into the house so that makes this Stick Christmas Tree one of my favourites. It's easy and cheap to put together and you can mix and match colours to suit any theme. Theme I went for a natural look here using brown and cream with gold and glass-look-a-like highlights. Materials Small decorations Potpourri balls Table runner Vase (I used a cookie jar) Batter operated LED lights Stick Christmas … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: White Christmas in a Jar

Christmas Table Ideas -- White Christmas in a Jar - beafunmum.com

I did a similar thing last year with the kids to decorate the house and they were such a hit!  This year, I used this concept as inspiration for Christmas Table Decorations. It's as easy as a glass jar, salt and a small Christmas tree or pine cone. Christmas Table Inspiration: White Christmas in a Jar Materials Large jar (I used a cookie jar I found at a discount store) Salt (regular table salt or epson salt) Small baubles Table … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: Tumbler Tea Light Candles in a Row

christmas table decorations

Materials Glass tumblers Tea light candles LED light Table runner Small baubles An easy way to light up the Christmas table: Line 4-8 glass tumblers along the middle of the table on a runner, add tea lights, a LED light strand and scatter a few baubles. Done. Concept: Simple! 6 to 8 glasses with tea light candles lined up in the middle of the table Colour theme: gold, gold and everything gold with glass highlights Everyday … [Read more...]

Feature Home: A Wall Bookcase

amazing library

It's one of those places where you walk in the door and feel instantly relaxed. The house radiates such warmth and grace! Josh and Bonnie have been renovating their riverfront 1930 Queensland workers cottage -- slowly -- during the last 10 years.  A few years ago, I featured their completed country-retro kitchen, and now I want to share with you a new space in this wonderful home: the lounge room complete with a floor-to-ceiling wall … [Read more...]