Striving to Set the Year Up Well


I'm striving to set the year up well.  It means I need to invest in the right places and so I haven't been online so much recently. 1. Children's Rooms Helped to clean and reorganised the children's rooms in preparation for the start of the school year. 2. School Lunches Cooked batches of lunchbox food to freeze because (from experience) I know I will find the first month of school overwhelming as we all adjust and so I'm anticipating … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar

christmas table centrepiece -- lights in a jar

This table centrepiece is easy to throw together. Materials LED battery operated lights Large cookie jar (or a vase works well too) Baubles or other decoration I placed decoration and lights inside the jar (leaving the battery part up the top for ease of turning off). Christmas Table: Lights in a Jar Concept: sparkly lights add a touch of magic to any setting Colour theme: gold & brown Everyday items: large jar, bowl or … [Read more...]

Decorative Oranges

decorative fruit orange

Using fruit as decoration pieces is a simple way to create a feature point in the home, especially around special times such as Christmas. Need Oranges Diamond sticker rows (I found these at a discount shop) Decorative Oranges This is easy and quick.  Lay a strip of diamond stickers from the to of the orange to the base and continue this process around the orange (leaving a space of about 5 cm or so between each row).  This gives … [Read more...]

Table Decoration Stick Christmas Tree

Stick Christmas Tree -- Christmas Table Inspiration

I love bringing nature into the house so that makes this Stick Christmas Tree one of my favourites. It's easy and cheap to put together and you can mix and match colours to suit any theme. Theme I went for a natural look here using brown and cream with gold and glass-look-a-like highlights. Materials Small decorations Potpourri balls Table runner Vase (I used a cookie jar) Batter operated LED lights Stick Christmas … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: White Christmas in a Jar

Christmas Table Ideas -- White Christmas in a Jar -

I did a similar thing last year with the kids to decorate the house and they were such a hit!  This year, I used this concept as inspiration for Christmas Table Decorations. It's as easy as a glass jar, salt and a small Christmas tree or pine cone. Christmas Table Inspiration: White Christmas in a Jar Materials Large jar (I used a cookie jar I found at a discount store) Salt (regular table salt or epson salt) Small baubles Table … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: Tumbler Tea Light Candles in a Row

christmas table decorations

Materials Glass tumblers Tea light candles LED light Table runner Small baubles An easy way to light up the Christmas table: Line 4-8 glass tumblers along the middle of the table on a runner, add tea lights, a LED light strand and scatter a few baubles. Done. Concept: Simple! 6 to 8 glasses with tea light candles lined up in the middle of the table Colour theme: gold, gold and everything gold with glass highlights Everyday … [Read more...]

Feature Home: A Wall Bookcase

amazing library

It's one of those places where you walk in the door and feel instantly relaxed. The house radiates such warmth and grace! Josh and Bonnie have been renovating their riverfront 1930 Queensland workers cottage -- slowly -- during the last 10 years.  A few years ago, I featured their completed country-retro kitchen, and now I want to share with you a new space in this wonderful home: the lounge room complete with a floor-to-ceiling wall … [Read more...]

Christmas Table: Bright Colours

bright Christmas theme - Christmas table

Some years, I deviate from traditional Christmas colours and go for something bright (I did this setting a couple of years ago).  Pictured below, I have chosen bright colours with a pink and green focus. Materials Used Garland beads Large Vase Large Bowl Large pillar candle Colourful baubles Christmas Table: Bold and Bright Concept: bring romance, fun and colour to the table Colour theme: pink & green with bright … [Read more...]

The Playroom Project: Watching Them Play

playroom ideas

The playroom makeover with Howards Storage happend over two weeks ago now.  A tidy and organised before/after picture is one thing, however I wanted to see how the changes worked in every day family life. The bottom line: it's beyond fabulous.  I love the view from my kitchen and watching the children create elaborate games: building, combining toys and making craft to support their game. Observations The kids play with their toys more. … [Read more...]

Playroom Makeover

playroom makeover -- before and after

Sponsored by nuffnang I thought they may come back with a “Sorry can’t help you” reply.  I braced myself for the disappointment because I wanted to work with Howards Storage on this post.  There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, I’m a fan of Howards Storage and their organisational systems; and secondly, I (really) needed the help.  Help with the playroom, or more accurately, the absence of a playroom. The … [Read more...]

Decorative Tape Juice Bottle Vase

Use decorative tape to create cute juice bottle vases - on

Juice Bottle Vase So easy, it’s ridiculous.  These are great for a themed area, bedroom or office decoration or birthday party decor.  Put a posy of flowers in to brighten a room or use to store items like pencils or paperclips. Materials Empty Juice Bottles Decorative Tape (I used 3M Scotch Expressions Packing Tape) Instructions Lay a section of tape evenly around the juice bottle. Cut tape to length and smooth out. … [Read more...]

A Rainbow Room (stay bright during winter)

a rainbow room for kids

I'm happy to have my designer friend Fiona here on the blog to share simple ways to brighten up a room coming into the winter months. Guest Post by Fiona Chandler By using one element, for example: pom poms, you can change the look of a room which can be fun for a change. A Rainbow Room Step 1 Gather 3 or 4 bright items you already own -- a gorgeous dress, stripey socks, a toy, box, blanket; ribbons plaited or wooden toys stacked -- … [Read more...]

Organising Kids for School

organising kids for school

Well, here I am: all four of my children are at school.   And it's FULL ON. Sport days, music days, library days, basketball practice, concert band ensemble, strings ensemble, cello lessons, piano lessons, clarinet lessons, homework, newsletters, assignments, oral preparation, home readers, sight words...and lunches. As I said, there are four of them at school this year, and they all have something different on each day.   Sometimes, I feel … [Read more...]

Ocean and Fields

cut flowers -- shells in the bottom of vase

Connections. I love connections: looking for them; finding them; linking them.  Doing this brings much happiness to my life.  So in this vase with flowers and shells, I see fields and oceans. And this takes me back to one of our favourite holidays as a family: a road trip.  One of the best days was a visit to Tilba Tilba on the Central Coast.  Gorgeous spot!  There are majestic rocks, open fields and the ocean, all in one place. Memories. It's … [Read more...]