Nature Crafts

I love bringing nature into the home through decoration and craft. Below you will find many nature craft ideas. To read the relevant post, click on the link beside the picture.

Rock Towers

Rock towers can be used in a play scene and are also ideal for a garden feature.

Rainbow Woods Imaginative Play Scene

here are twists, and turns; bends and corners: welcome to the Rainbow Woods. You may find secret messages, written on the trees in black ink, so look closely, and oh-so-carefully; there might even be treasure.

Rock Footprints

Couple a visit to a stream with making rock footprints for home.

Discovery Box

A shoe box can be the perfect place for a nature treasure hunt.

Draw on Wood

Mix up the drawing materials to make things fresh.

Flower Head Wreath

Perfect for Summer! Make this delightful fresh flower headwreath.

Leaf Art

Incorporate leafs into art. Heaps of ideas here.

Pine Cone Crafts

Pine cones are gold when it comes to craft and decoration. There's a variety of different fun ways to use them.

Posy in Juice Bottle

Simple things, small joys.

Make a Pet Rock

Pet rocks are sweet, cute and so easy to make.

Rose Petals

Don't trow out fallen rose petals, use them for inspiration in this lovely project.

Pebble & Stick Trail

This rock and stick trail is a simple activity that can lead to all sorts of other play ideas. My daughter collected sticks and rocks to create a trail around the house. She then put a box at the end for treasure.

Hang Autumn Leaves

To bring some of this coziness in the house, I did a simple activity with the kids. Visit a park or drive around to find a beautiful autumn tree, collect the fallen leaves, thread them on string and hang in the home.

A Jar of Cinnamon Sticks

While I was in Thailand, there was a gorgeous jar of cinnamon sticks beside my bed. It was lovely!

Painted Sticks

This is a gorgeous activity, and a wonderful way to decorate the house.

Flower & Stick Feature

This is a very simple craft. All you need to do is collect twigs (and flowers if you like) and tie them along a piece of string. This can be hung in the home as a feature.

Deconstructing Flowers

Have you ever really taken a good look at all the pieces of a flower?

Orange Lantern

Such a simple sweet idea!

Wall Hanging Vase

Make a simple wall vase with a juice bottle.

Daisy Chains

Everyone should know how to make a daisy chain.

Twig Christmas Advent Calendar

This is easy. And cheap. All you need are a few branches, gift bags and then fill them with whatever you like.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree in a Jar

Pine cones, beads, liquid paper, a jar and salt. That's all you need.


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