Imaginative Play Scene Ideas

Setting the scene for play puts a spark of imagination into my children’s play.  Below is a collection of imaginative play scene ideas. To read the relevant post, click on the title (not the picture).

Ocean Play Scene

Create an ocean play scene with sand and a little water.

Pond Play Scene

Complete with milk bottle lid lily pads, this pond scene is easy to set up and fun to play with.

vRainbow Tree Play Scene

Colourful and shiny, this play scene is sweet and fun.

Desert Island

This is what dreams are made of! Create a desert island scene for the kids to play with. Winner!

Tree House

Turn an empty shoe box into a tree house!

Fairy Land

Shiny rocks are the star in this pretty play scene.

Rock Towers

Rock towers can be used in a play scene and are also ideal for a garden feature.

Rock Play Garden

Make a play garden for the kids to dig and play.

Rainbow Woods Imaginative Play Scene

here are twists, and turns; bends and corners: welcome to the Rainbow Woods. You may find secret messages, written on the trees in black ink, so look closely, and oh-so-carefully; there might even be treasure.

Magical Fairy Door

The fairy doors are all kinds of magical cuteness, sure to stimulate imaginative play for kids.

Dinosaur Island

Come and visit Dnosaur Island

Arctic Play Scene

Perfect for hot summer days, create a fun Arctic play scene, complete with an ice berg!

Magical Water for Barbies

Hours of play outside can be as simple as water, pink food colouring and glitter.

Dinosaur Ice Blocks

Use silicone cake mould to make shaped ice.

Winter / Summer Play Scene

Inspired by the Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings Movie!

Castle Garden Play Scene

Using artificial grass as a base and a castle in France as inspiration.

Dinosaur Park Play Scene

Using artificial grass as a base, with a few rocks and sticks.

Zoo Play Scene

Using artificial grass as a base and a few wooden blocks for fences.

Farm Play Scene

Using artificial grass as a base.

Cardboard box road

So simple! Turn a cardboard box into a city for cars.

Wood Roads

What we did we a few pieces of untreated wood.


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