Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

All the Handmade Christmas Tree decorations posts are in one place, right here! There will be new items added soon. To read instructsion on how to make each craft, please click on the title.

Paper Plate Angel

One of the sweetest and easiest crafts you'll find! Free template included.

Pencil Christmas Tree Craft

Ideal present for teachers!

Christmas Peace Dove Craft

This simple paper craft looks elegant hung on the tree or from the ceiling.

Christmas Wreath Decoration Craft

This a mess free craft that looks fantastic.

Chocolate Case Christmas Decorations

These Christmas decorations are easy to make and they look funky and fun. They are easy enough for kids to enjoy but classy enough that I enjoyed putting them together too.

Christmas Star Craft

A simple craft that kids love.

Bead Christmas Tree Decorations

These bead tree decorations are uber simple to make.

Christmas Necklace

This easy craft can be worn as a necklace, or make a smaller version to hang on the tree.

Mini Terracotta Pot Bell

This is one of those handmade decorations that keep from year to year. The terracotta pot bell looks great and is a functional bell too.

Pine Cone Haning Decoration

Pine cones are wonderful for decorating the outdoors and indoors. Brighten up an entrance, over a window, the Christmas tree or an outdoor tree by hanging decorated pine cones on a ribbon.

Plastic Cup Bell

This is a simple, quick and fuss free craft to make. It makes a fun sound too!

Button Wreath

This adorable decoration is super simple to make. Buttons make me happy!

Wire Spring Christmas Decoration

The Wire Spring is a simple, fuss free Christmas decoration idea.

Mini Pine Cone Wreath Tree Decoration

I love the rustic charm of this decoration.

Door Frame Feature

Not quite mistletoe but it does give the house a festive feel.

Bottle Lid Snowman

This is so simple and fun to do. What I really like about it is that it’s made out of items that are most likely to be found around your house, so you don’t need to make a special trip to the shops.! It’s very quick too – a perfect afternoon activity for some festive fun with the kids.

Bird Wreath Decoration

Easy Bird wreath tutorial

Pasta Angel Christmas Tree Decoration

These sweet Christmas Tree decorations are surprisingly easy to make, and you’ve probably already got most of the materials needed at home.

Simple Bead Wreath Decoration

This is such a simple decoration to make and a heap of these look lovely on the tree.

Easy Bead Candy Cane Christmas Tree Decoration

Super simple tree decoration.

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decoration



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    All of your ideas are wonderful especially plastic cup bell and the ribbon christmas tree, looks lovely and very creative . well done!!
    BTW, thanks for sharing :)

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