Easter Craft and Activities

Below are links to my Easter craft and activities. Click on the title to access the posts.

Decorating Easter Egg

Decorate Hard-Boiled eggs in these two different ways.

Easter Advent Calendar

Count down to easter with this advent calendar.

easter egg craft

Make this easy and cute Easter Egg Craft. Free template included.

Wool Easter Egg

This Wool Easter Egg looks adorable and homey! It's quite easy to make; the only tricky part is keeping the wool on the glue as you wind it around the egg.

Easter Games

A few game ideas that are fun for Easter time.

Easter Egg Wand

These Easter Egg wands are simply sweet, and can be used as craft for kids or Easter table centrepiece.

Easter Bonnets

2 Easter Bonnet Ideas

Egg Carton Chicky

This Easter Egg Carton Chicky is easy and cheap to make, relatively mess free and so cute!

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. How brilliant is that!?

8 Ways to Give Easter Eggs

Whether you're doing a Easter Egg Hunt or just giving eggs as a gift, it's fun to make them look pretty in all their shiny foil glory.

Easter Egg Foil Collage

Quick tip: save the foil from chocolate Easter Eggs and incorporate into a collage or drawing.

Easter Egg Foil Butterfly

You can save the wrappers and use them in a collage or to make a butterfly to hang in an outdoor tree. This craft is outdoor friendly as it doesn’t matter if the materials get wet.

Easter Lollipop Bunny

These Easter Lollipop Bunnys make wonderful gifts for friends or a simple craft for kids to make.

Decorating Easter Eggs

A variety of fun ways to decorate Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Wand

Make a Gorgeous Easter Wand!

Easter Cupcake Case Nests

The easiest, quickest, cutest, mess-free Easter craft/gift.

Temporary Tattoo Easter Egg

Create the most gorgeous boiled eggs with temporary tattoos

Egg Carton Chicken (filled with chocolate eggs)

A cute little handmade gift idea.

Hatched Chicken Template

A printable template for a cute chicky (that opens with a paddle pop stick)

Chicky Jar

Give eggs in cute Chicky Jars



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