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Kelly here. I hate this sort of legal stuff but unfortunately, it’s necessary in the world we live in.  Basically, this personal blog is a collection of ideas I use with my own children and I hope it inspires you in some way too.  Please apply anything I write or do to your own situation or child/ren.  I can’t be held responsible for how readers apply what I share on my blog.


  1. says

    Hey Kelly :)

    Do you offer reviews of Kids Book Apps?
    I have just this week, released one myself titled ‘Danny DImple Dares to Dream’ and it’s all about inspiring kids to dream Big and to go for it!
    It has been hovering around the Top 10 this week on iTunes and I would really love to see if there’s a way to tackle all the big names like Peppa Pig and Dora as I’m a Sydney guy trying to spread a wholesome story to encourage all the little-uns, however I just need more exposure for parents to see it!

    I can offer you a Promo Code if you would like to assist so you don’t have to purchase it.
    Here is the Promo vid if you’d like to take a look > http://youtu.be/cqc4i7J4jlE

    Would love to hear from you! (Thanks for your time :)

    Thanks Ben

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