Craft & DIY Project Ideas

Below is a collection of popular craft and DIY project ideas. To read the relevant post, click on the title (not the picture).

Paddle Pop Stick Door

Easy to make doors to put at the base of a tree.

Paddle Pop Stick Memory Game

Make a simple Paddle Pop (Popsicle) ice-cream memory game. Perfect for summer fun!

Adventure Jar

Re-create a fun adventure in a jar.

Ballerina Peg Doll

Cute Ballerina Peg Doll (It's easier than you think).

Tennis Ball Puppet

Cute and funny Tennis Ball Puppets.

Plastic Spoon People

Create some funky Plastic Spoon People.

Dollhouse Style -- Cardboard Box City

A dollhouse sytle cubby house out of cardboard boxes.

Cardboard Box City

Create a cardboard box city out of an old box.

Hermit Crab Shell Pet

After the next trip to the beach. Collect shells and create this cute hermit crab pet.

Washer Necklace

Washer + String + Nail polish

No Sew Barbie Clothes

Absolutely no-sew Barbie/Doll Clothes. Use organza gift bags!

Vintage Book Treasure Box

Make a Vintage Treasure Box using an old book.

Vintage Paper Boats

Vintage Paper Boat Garland

Photo Dolls

Make photo paper dolls of the family

Tint Glass Jars

Tint jars and use as vases


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