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  1. says

    Hi Kelly,
    I read your blog about schoolbook covering and thought you (and your readers) might want to know about my plastic schoolbook covers…check out the 28 fun designs and various sizes on my website if you like :)
    luv Kirrily

  2. says

    Hi Kelly,

    Just found your blog. I covet being a fun mum but often fall short!

    I was shocking reminded of this when I attended a drop in morning at my 4 year olds preschool. They had been talking about families and each child had written a few words about their families. Think “my family loves playing at the beach” tact. My bear had written “my dad is always doing funny stuff and my mum is alway cross at Pommy (sic Tommy) and Ruby”. I was devo.

    I have been very busy launching my website, GroupPrezzie have a looksee at my animation but it was a great reminder to be present and make it fun.

    Well done with your blog and the way you are living your life!


    • says

      Hi Rachel. Just popped over to have a look at the website. What a great idea! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind when it comes to Christmas group presents and tell my facebook likers about it.


  3. Rebekah says

    Hi Kelly,

    Wow your words strike such a chord, it is like I am reading my own words! We have an awful lot in common, along with also having three girls and a boy, I am also a creative person who is always encouraging my kids to be creative.I also love nature and decided to move to Magnetic Island to provide a great outdoors lifestyle for our children. I am always striving for routine, but often off in my own creative world and recently admitted to my doctor I was depressed – my experience of this was very much like your own. I am thinking of starting a blog, and yours has given me a lot of inspiration, thank you.

    • says

      Hi Rebekah. Thanks for such a lovely message. I’m so glad you found me here! Isn’t it wonderful that we can connect in this way. It sounds like you’ve made a wonderful choice for your family. I’m a little jealous in fact! HA! Sounds awesome. Don’t be a stranger here!


  4. says

    Hi Kelly, I have just found you and would love to know more about being a sponsor and also your product review.
    I have a lovely little store at Miami and love any sites that promote the Gold Coast.
    We have only been open just over a year and are still working hard to get our name out there. Our store is only small but we have lots of lovely products for babies and kids. We love natural and organic products. wooden toys and more. Best of all we love what we do.
    I am a nanna to my 2 gorgeous grand kids Madison and Josh and my daughter Sarah is involved in he business with me so it is a little family affair.
    Look forward to hearing back from you Cheers Julie

  5. Kath says

    Hi Kelly

    I have only just discovered your blog less than a week ago and already I am looking to it when I am in need of a pick up or an insight. So THANK YOU! You are inspirational and I am so glad you decided to share with the world.


  6. says

    I am enquiring about advertising on your blog. Our new website Handmade HQ should be ready to launch in September and looking at some new advertising options.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. hannah says

    Hi Kelly, just writing to see if there was any chance you could do
    a blog on knowing when the time is right to have another child.
    I’ve been tossing up the thought with my husband for ages and
    we’ve gotton to the point where we don’t know what we should be
    asking ourselves to know if we are ready or not. We already have
    two children.

  8. says

    Love your site! I have just started a blog after baby no 2. It is getting great feedback but it is very simple and I wish I could create a page like this!

  9. umme kulsum says

    Hi.My daughter and I painting egg shell.she enjoyed that painting so much.I want to send that egg shells picture to u.can I send it?

  10. Deb says

    Hi Kelly
    Am loving your Facebook and Blog! Thank you for taking the time to share.

    I was looking around yesterday and found an article along the lines of things to do if you are too busy – eye contact, getting at kids level etc. I was telling a work colleague about and came back to find it but don’t seem to be able to – are you able to point me in the right direction?


  11. says

    Hi Kelly,

    Just found your blog through a friend on Facebook. What an encouragement you are!! Thankyou. I have been really struggling lately – I have a nearly 4 yr old son, a 2 and 1/2 yr old daughter and a 6 month old son. I love them all so much and yet at the same time find myself often completely shattered and cross. I so want to be more fun, and not so stressed all the time. I just feel at the moment life is so busy and constant with house work and just getting the mundane stuff done each day. And I really struggle with guilt and high expectations of myself. ANYWAY all that to say I found so many or your ideas/ suggestions really helpful. I hope and pray I can implement some of them in my family and we learn to have more fun in the midst of all the craziness!! :) Thanks alot:)
    Bless ya
    Fellow mum from New Zealand – Esther
    PS I have recently taken up running and have just got past my 5 km mark….aiming for 10 km race in March!! :)

  12. says

    Hi Kelly,
    I just found your blog and am very impressed with your content and strong following. Do you have a media kit or promotion pack you can send? I did not find anything on your site.
    Best regards,

  13. Linda says

    Please can you tell me where on your page i can find out how to do the scrapbooking in a jar. I would like to do one. Many thanks. LINDA

  14. Sarah says

    Hi Kelly,

    I love, love LOVE your website and how you live your life with your family. You are one inspirational lady. You tell it like it is and I have found your craft/decorating ideas brilliant! particularly enjoy the flowers/pearls etc as I think flowers in a house make it a home (and I can only afford the one’s from the garden!).

    Hugs lovely lady and know that you are amazing/inspriational/kind/caring.


    • says

      Dear lovely Sarah.

      It means so much to me that you took the time to write this comment. Sometimes, you throw things out into cyberspace, not knowing really who is out there…so thank you for saying hi and your encouragement. xx

  15. says

    Hi Kelly,
    I found your website through a link on Life on a Hill.
    I am a mother of 5 and designer of the Ready2Roll Pregnancy Pillow. I have a 2 min video on my website which shows how this double sided, adjustable design improves sleep in pregnancy. It can’t fall off the bed, allows plenty of space in the bed for your husband and is adjustable for a perfect fit. Would you be interested in a review/give away? Maybe you have a friend that could trial the pillow for a review.
    Alison Johns

  16. says

    I love your blog and thanks for visiting -nanaonthefarm- yes the machinery is getting so big for the farmers to be able to do lots quicker. Valdananaonthefarm

  17. Jane says

    hi kelly

    just finished going through your site and it’s FABULOUS! i do have some ideas for activities for kids and i have read Liss’s blog who has done a couple of blogs for two of the Organic Food Markets

    I have been to a few of their other ones and they are incredible and GREAT fun for kids with pony rides, jumping castles, petting zoos

    if you would like me to send you a list to include consider it a done deal. i know you are busy with this blog and getting on with your fab life so will wait to hear from you

    keep up the great work!

  18. says

    Hi Kelly

    I am a Sydney mum that struggled with just about every aspect of motherhood. At the time, I couldn’t find any books that shared the truth about parenting and there weren’t inspiring blogs like yours, so I felt like the only terrible mother on the planet.

    I decided to turn my challenging experience around and use my dormant artistic skills so I wrote and illustrated an unconventional book about parenting titled “Put the Baby Back in my Tummy: When Parenthood is Not Quite as Expected”
    It’s a humorous take on the parenting journey to let other first time mums know they aren’t alone in their struggles. I would like to know if it is possible to send a copy to you for review?
    It’s my first book so I’m terribly excited and afraid at the same time.
    By the way, love the post about living in the present moment.

  19. says

    Hi kelly
    One of your newest likers here. Absolutely love your site it is fantastic, the milk bottle ideas are Soo cool and super easy to do. Love your stuff. I have a new blog it’s called
    I’m looking for some artwork for my repurpose art challenge maybe we could collaborate together? What do you think?


  20. David Murphy says

    Hi Kelly,
    I am a grandfather and this year I have had the opportunity to do ‘Pop Day care’ on 2 days a week, but often more than this. It has been a delight, we have done so much from going to Truck shows, Elmo’s World Tour, Sea World, Movie World, Helicopter rides, making craft, going to parks, cooking & just playing. Your website has been an inspiration!!! I was devastated earlier this year, when I saw a Mum walking her child to school with her earphones in listening to music when she could have been talking to her child about all the experiences happening around them. Another experience that really worried me was when my granddaughter & I had been in the shops, I had some grapes, banana & heathly yoghurt for her and I passed a Mum that said to her possibly 3 year old, let’s get a sausage roll. So being part of your website has encouraged me to start a ‘Pop’ or ‘Grandparent’ website, so people don’t make the mistakes I have seen. We also have a Nursery Rhyme CD in the car so we sing when we drive. It is magical. My daughter has suggested that I start a ‘Pop’ or ‘Grandparent’ website so that Grandparents talk & teach their grandchildren as a natural occurrence with their grandchildren. As an example, I often take train rides with my grandchildren, I always say to them, when we get to XYZ station, you have to get into the pram as the next station is where we get off. They always comply & can tell me the stations that we travel through, so when I establish a ‘Pop Day Care’ or similar name, can I link you brilliant website to my website because it is so helpful and offer wonderful links

  21. Tina says

    Love your website! I have an 8 month old and my current dilema invoves daycare as I am a shift worker. My son has been in this daycare for 2 months now and despite being 8 months old- they manage to feed him only a maximun og 100-150 mls in the whole day! They also dont offer water enough as he takes long to drink from his sippy cup.He is always dehydrated and cranky when we come to pick him up and the day carers despite everything do not let us know when things are bad, I feel like I should just quit my job but that has other consequences.. Any recommendations for good child care centres in north brisbane/city?

  22. Megan says

    Hi Kelly,

    We’re the team that runs the CC’s social community and we’d like to officially POP your afternoon!

    On Behalf of CC’s and Thins Popped chips, we would like to send you a sample box of our Popped range to lighten up your afternoon! It’s packed with product samples and a few other fun things that will give a pop to your PM.

    We would love you to review and tell your community on your blog and/or your other social channels about this new style of chip, bursting with flavour and 50% less fat than other potato chips!

    We’re ready to despatch a box to you this Friday, please come back to me with your best delivery address, plus an email address & phone number.

    If you need any more information please get in touch,

    Many thanks,

  23. Krystal says

    Hi Kelly

    I noticed that you and your family have been volunteering in Africa, which is something I would like to do also when my family is old enough.

    I’d still like to do some volunteer work with my son (16 months) in Brisbane – although am not sure what we could do (as he is so young) – maybe you might have some ideas?


  24. says

    Hi Kelly

    I love reading through your sweet blogs; having a laugh with you and sometimes just quietly sharing your thoughts. I also wanted to let you know that a few blogs ago I
    nominated you for the I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award. Read my nomination here and see what being nominated means and copy and paste the badge!

    Hang on a minute – why am I telling you what to do?! I’m sure this is not your first nomination!



  25. Kendra Thornton says

    Hi there!
    I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thank you!

  26. Mel Taylor says

    Hi Kelly I was just wondering after looking at your page I run a weight loss support group and post handy hints and things on my timeline would it be ok to use some of your ideas there…. I will put the link to your site too

    Thanks Mel

  27. says

    Hi Kelly, I’m a newbie blogger and I’ve been admiring your blog style for a little while!
    My blogs are mostly food related, but my latest is ‘Pampering gifts for children to make (that recipients will actually use)
    I’d love you to take a look at and maybe share a link on your page to help give a newbie a boost.

  28. says

    Hi Be A Fun Mum! Love your site, So many awesome posts :)

    Just starting out with my own parenting website at

    Do you do sponsored posts? Would love a guest post from you :)

    You’re already listed on my bloglist as one of the fav’s

    Thanks – Keep up the Great Work!


  29. Nicoletta (Nico) says

    Ciao Kelly,
    I live in Milano, Italy. Being a mum here is a sort of holy mission, where funny things are not included. ‘Mamma’ never fails. She usually leaves the job and the career, bacause the Society is not ready to accept a Boss or a manager with sons. They need someone who could work with no hours’ limits. They need someone who has no one waiting for her at home. So you have to choose. I chose to be a mum and to work. This is a hard challenge but I’m trying to do my best. So, your website is truly an ispiration to me.
    Thank you so much for your words.

    • says

      Hi Nico

      Sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply. Thanks so very much for taking the time to leave a comment here. I’m so glad you found your way to my blog. It can be such a juggle at times! I hear you. A big hug from this mother doing her best to you. x

  30. says

    I would like to no longer subscribe to this web site so please remove my name. I didn’t see where I could click anywhere to do this.


    • says

      Hi Dorothy

      If you receive all posts via email, there will be an unsubscribe link right at the bottom of the email that you can press to unsubscribe. Do let me know if you have any problems.

      Kindest regards,


  31. kylie says

    HI thanks for the review of the TM, it probably nailed by decision to buy one, would you mind sending me the recipe for your cinnamon scrolls, they sound great.

    great website too cheers

  32. says

    Hi Kelly
    We have just launched a new state of the art Photo Collage Canvas Prints system on our site allowing our customers to create their own photo collages then have them printed on canvas.

    We were wondering if you would like a free collage collage in exchange for a review of the collage ordering system and the free canvas collage.

    Feel free to drop me an email to discuss this.
    Kind regards
    Sally Kirchell

  33. Amy Stolipher says

    I loved the idea of using Tagxedo to create a personalized end of year teacher gift. I was trying to create one and have one question… how did you get it to put the teacher’s name together? When I do it puts Mrs. separate from Lind.


    • says

      Hi Sharon

      I wrote that post so long ago, I can’t even remember what jar I used now. Looking back at the post, and the jar now, I think it does look bigger than 500ml. I’m so sorry it’s not working for you. I think you’ll need a bigger jar, because I agree, 2 cups of flour I’m sure would take up most of a 500ml jar. That must be my error. Let me know how you go with a bigger jar.



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