Photographing Kids Tip 4: Setting Up a Shoot

Katherine Shultz Photography

Katherine Shultz brings immense maturity to her photographs, far beyond her 16 years. It’s hard to believe someone of so little years can produce such vision through photographs.  Through some tough times, Katherine has found solace in capturing moments around her. For the fourth post in the photographing kids series, I’m thrilled to have Katherine share some of the tips she’s picked up […]

Photographing Kids Tip 3: The Background

bad background can ruin a photograph

When I photograph, I’ve learnt to look at the background as much as I do the subject.  It’s a little like an orchestra: while there are focal instruments, the sound of “oneness” produced by combining many elements is what makes it so special.  I’ve been working on that same element of “oneness” in three parts (one step at a time Kelly).  Firstly, […]

Photographing Kids Tip 2: Rule of Thirds

Photographing kids tip 2 off centre

If you’re a regular at my blog you will know how much I love taking photos.  I invite you to join me on a ten part series (over 10 or so weeks)  in my quest to learn more about photographing my kids. Read Tip 1 if you missed it. Photographing Kids Tip 2: Rule of Thirds The […]