Be Captivitating: Photography

My Daughter and I Visit the City

December 22, 2011

I have this drive to create and constantly challenge myself.  I’m bursting with ideas, and feel like I have to put them somewhere. It’s a great thing but it actually hurts my head sometimes. It can lead to unproductively too, when I have so much going on in my head, I can’t capitalise on anything [...]

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Taking Photos for Father’s Day

August 27, 2011
father's day gift ideas

A wonderful photo of your children can be just the thing for Father’s Day. There are so many crafts and gifts you can make with photos. Below are 5 ways you can take photos of children for Father’s Day. If you are looking for tips on getting kids to smile for the camera, read my [...]

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Photographing Kids: Getting Kids to Smile for the Camera

July 11, 2011
photographing kids getting kids to smile at the camera

I especially love taking natural and unposed photographs of my children. However, sometimes I need to get the kids smiling for the camera. For example: family shots and Christmas photos. But what is a smile? A “Say Cheese” smile is just muscles moving, but a real smile is all about emotion. And that is what I want to capture [...]

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Make the Most of Your Mobile Phone Camera

June 20, 2011
mobile phone camera tips

It’s easier than ever to capture special moments; there’s a camera in almost every mobile phone these days.  I love my (proper) camera, but it’s not possible to take with me everywhere so I enjoy the flexibility of having a camera with me without the need to lug around a big unit.  Taking pictures is important to [...]

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Photographing Kids Tip 5: Perspective

December 9, 2010
Photographing Kids Perspective

Perspective is one of my favourite tricks when it comes to photography. By changing the angle of the camera, you can bring interest,  depth and meaning to a photograph.  Below are four examples how you can use perspective to enhance photographs of your kids. Example 1: Look Down Instead of taking this photograph at eye level, [...]

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Photographing Kids Tip 4: Setting Up a Shoot

November 21, 2010
Photographing Kids Perspective

Katherine Shultz brings immense maturity to her photographs, far beyond her 16 years. It’s hard to believe someone of so little years can produce such vision through photographs.  Through some tough times, Katherine has found solace in capturing moments around her. For the fourth post in the photographing kids series, I’m thrilled to have Katherine share some of the tips she’s picked up [...]

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