Orange Lantern Candle

August 26, 2012

It feels good to use something instead of throwing it out.  And it’s cool to say to your kids in the afternoon, “Hey, we are going to cut up oranges to eat, AND make a candle lantern.” Below are the steps on how I made an orange lantern. Materials Orange Tea light candle Small knife [...]

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On Flowers & Upcycling Glass Jars

August 9, 2012

When I dated my husband (a long time ago), I said to him, “Never buy me flowers. They just die. “  How I have changed over the years! I used to see flowers for the end result — wilted, limp and lifeless.  I couldn’t enjoy their moment in the sun or see their beauty because [...]

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The Tree Draws

July 26, 2012

Nature is alive and beautiful, and as a family, we celebrate this on a daily basis.  I stumbled upon artist, Tim Knowles online, and his tree drawings inspired this activity. It’s an easy activity to do with kids and holds promise of mystery and magic on a breezy day.  A tree that draws! You can’t [...]

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Nature Craft: Rock Footprints

May 14, 2012

When I do craft with my kids, I like for it to be an extension of another outing or activity.  For example, making potpourri bags for the drawers was coupled with a trip to the shops, collecting shells at the beach turned into a wall feature and a fun addition to a country drive was [...]

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Vintage Paper Boat Garland

April 25, 2012

Oh, if I could go back in time, I would decorate my son’s entire nursery with vintage paper boats. They are adorable! I love vintage paper, and books, so I combined the two to make a vintage paper boat garland today. It’s simple to put together and costs almost nothing. A paper boat garland can [...]

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Putting Colour into A Grey Day

January 26, 2012

As I was watched the children play with the Milk Bottle Lid Boats in the rain, I noticed how pretty the bougainvillea looked behind them. I think I noticed it especially since the day was so grey.  Many of the pink-purple bougainvillea flowers have fallen off, creating a carpet of colour on the ground. It’s [...]

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