Nature Inspired Playgrounds

Nature inspired playground

Playgrounds in Australia tend to have similar look about them. Plastic slides painted in primary colours, a springy toy that often doesn’t spring, and a token swing set in a sea of chip bark. I remember this one playground at Warwick we discovered as a family on one of our road trips, and it was so refreshingly different because it was an older playground and had play equipment the kids hadn't seen before. An old fashioned … [Read more...]

Plant a Pot Garden for Spring!

Parsley in the garden

I like the idea of gardening, but find it overwhelming.  Last year, I enlisted the help of a friend to get me started, and together we broke up the process in 3 easy (and FUN!) steps to make it achievable for anyone! The good thing about this garden is it's in pots, so even if you don't have the space for a garden, you can still experience the joy of growing something yourself and using it in the food you eat.  I believe … [Read more...]

STAGE 2: Planting Vegetables into the Garden

Planting your Vegetables Seedlings into the garden

Be A Fun Mum gardening expert, Renee from About the Garden, is sharing how to prepare and plant your vege garden. STAGE 2: Planting your Vegetables Seedlings into the garden Planting your vegetable seedlings into the garden is easy if you’ve already completed STAGE 1: Steps for preparing an existing garden for Planting Vegetables.  Once you're confident your garden soil is prepared, your ready to ‘roc-n’roll’ with … [Read more...]

STAGE 1: Preparing an Existing Garden for Planting Vegetables

Planting your Vegetables Seedlings into the garden

Be A Fun Mum gardening expert, Renee from About the Garden, is sharing how to prepare and plant your vege garden. Steps for preparing an existing garden for planting vegetables Preparing your existing garden for planting vegetables is not as complicated as you may think. All you need is a few supplies, tools and a positive attitude to a little hard work. The first thing you should know about me is...I’m not the world’s best gardener, I’m a … [Read more...]

Orange Lantern Candle

how to make an orange candle

It feels good to use something instead of throwing it out.  And it's cool to say to your kids in the afternoon, "Hey, we are going to cut up oranges to eat, AND make a candle lantern." Below are the steps on how I made an orange lantern. Materials Orange Tea light candle Small knife Instructions Step 1 Cut around the belly of an orange (with the two points at each end). Don't cut all the way through, just so the knife is just into … [Read more...]

On Flowers & Upcycling Glass Jars

diluting glass paint vs undiluted

When I dated my husband (a long time ago), I said to him, "Never buy me flowers. They just die. "  How I have changed over the years! I used to see flowers for the end result -- wilted, limp and lifeless.  I couldn't enjoy their moment in the sun or see their beauty because I was clouded by things not yet to come. It's interesting, as I look back, I can see the same correlation with many aspects of my life at the time.  I was afraid to do things … [Read more...]

The Tree Draws

nature crafts do a tree drawing

Nature is alive and beautiful, and as a family, we celebrate this on a daily basis.  I stumbled upon artist, Tim Knowles online, and his tree drawings inspired this activity. It's an easy activity to do with kids and holds promise of mystery and magic on a breezy day.  A tree that draws! You can't help but notice the wind, and how it moves the leaves in a dance, or how pretty the bird's song is. It forces you to be still, and watch, … [Read more...]

Nature Craft: Rock Footprints

make a rock picture

When I do craft with my kids, I like for it to be an extension of another outing or activity.  For example, making potpourri bags for the drawers was coupled with a trip to the shops, collecting shells at the beach turned into a wall feature and a fun addition to a country drive was to stop and make wild flower wreaths. For me, craft is about connection rather than just something to do. When the children and I explored a local stream … [Read more...]

Vintage Paper Boat Garland

vintage paper boat bunting tutorial

Oh, if I could go back in time, I would decorate my son's entire nursery with vintage paper boats. They are adorable! I love vintage paper, and books, so I combined the two to make a vintage paper boat garland today. It's simple to put together and costs almost nothing. A paper boat garland can be used to decorate a nursery, room or for birthday party decorations. Materials Vintage book (I purchased one from a thrift shop for 50 … [Read more...]

Putting Colour into A Grey Day

pink / purple bougainvillea

As I was watched the children play with the Milk Bottle Lid Boats in the rain, I noticed how pretty the bougainvillea looked behind them. I think I noticed it especially since the day was so grey.  Many of the pink-purple bougainvillea flowers have fallen off, creating a carpet of colour on the ground. It's beautiful! I wanted to bring that beauty into the house so I collected some flowers and put them in a crystal basket vase that I haven't … [Read more...]

Christmas Paper Chain

Christmas Paper Chain -- free printable -- instructions

Make your home look festive with a Christmas Paper Chain. These adorable decorations are cheap, simple and fun to make. Materials Christmas Paper Chain template (see below) or use wrapping paper cut to size Stapler 1. Cut each chain link, leaving approximately 1 cm of white on one side (the printer margin is perfect). 2. Make a circle by overlapping the non-white side over the white edge. 3. Staple to hold the chain link … [Read more...]

The Grass is Greener

running on the grass

"You don't realise how fortunate you are in Australia." Suda Sudarsana, international P & G scientist, began the story. I met Suda when I was in Thailand recently and his down-to-earth approach resonated with me. Suda continued the story; it went something like this: You have space in Australia, and the kids get to run around on the grass. In Japan, this is almost unheard of.  When I suggested the baseball team I coach practice on a wet … [Read more...]

Feature Home: Living on a Christmas Tree Farm

killiecrankie farm -- live Christmas Trees

It must be magical (and busy) this time of year on a real Christmas Tree farm. To find out more, I'm thrilled to welcome Lee to the blog. Lee, her husband and 2 children live in Tasmania, where they run the Killiecrankie Christmas Tree Farm. One thing that strikes me about Lee, is the contagious connection she exhibits between living, loving and working. It's inspiring! 1. What made you take the leap to move from the city to farm living in … [Read more...]

Simple Things, Small Joys

how the blog world spins

A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit of happiness in the form of a candle in a tea cup. The gorgeous Stacey from VeggieMama left a comment that gave me a lot of happiness. "I also love glass juice bottles with the labels off to make vases for pretty little posies," she said. I was inspired. Next time I went to the supermarket, I bought -- wait for it -- 6 bottles of 200 ml prune juice. The checkout attendant may, or may not have looked at … [Read more...]